BlenderDiplom Modifier Contest

BlenderDiplom is holding a contest for modifier-only artwork:

Check out the rules and prizes here:

Deadline is 1st August 2012 at 11:59pm GMT.

Use this thread for submitting your artwork. If you chose to submit a video, use a publicly accessible video platform like YouTube, Vimeo etc. or link to a file for download.

For hosting images you can use services like Imgur.

Important: If you are not interested in the first or second prize please add a small note to your submission so that the tickets can go to someone who has actual use for them.

1 : Can I use the physique panel ? 2 : the game engine ?

Cool, I’ll enter, I was wondering, are we allowed to use an empty to like controle an array or texture?

Hi Guys
Since This would get really crowded, we’d prefer if you could ask your questions on the Blenderdiplom homepage
Issanou: you can use physics if you don’t use it to deform objects.
@for_the_kingdome: you may use any object that doesnt get rendered.

I guess someone has to kick off proceedings!
IF I were to win I couldn’t come to the campus party.

One cylinder (6 vertices to create hexagon-prism… :D)
One grid
Two array modifiers

Here’s My Entry. Rendered in BI. No expectations but the ticket would be better with someone else, no use for them here.


My entry: Ice planet Hoth. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t what the planet “actually” looks like. Although it’s fictional anyway, hence I don’t care. The texture detail is quite amazing since everything is procedural. Rendered in BI. The modifier of choice (yes, only a single modifier): The displace modifier (pretty sure you wouldn’t have guessed that!).

The item of interest:

Edit: Just realized I actually used subsurf quite a bit as well. Oh well, I think it was obvious.

What about addons: sapling, landscape…?

these are mines.
2 variations on an abstract theme. Hope you enjoy!

And here’s how it looks wothout modifiers nor compositing:

Just a simple one, but I think you or anyone can develop the idea.

Grease Pencil and Skin Modifier.

  • Jimmy from Blender Sushi

One cube + 12(!) modifiers. Scene is rendered using Cycles.

If you think I just add modifiers till it looks nice you can check some of the videotutorials I’ve build over at
Most of them use Blender’s modifiers.
Sadly I wont be able to attend Campus Party cause I’ll be on my summer vacation during 1-28 Aug. I would love to but my wife would kill me. Lovely workshops, talks and Heart String Marionette by mr.M Dot, nice! My point is that if (I repeat IF) I win something it could only be the item from the blender e-store. I’ve also uploaded the final .blend file on Blendswap (as I usually do with my stuff).

Lovely challenge btw and good luck to us all!

And a picture from within Blender’s UI:

This is my entry, great contest!

Hope you like it!
500 samples
26 spheres
2 planes
1 grid

Good luck to everyone;)

Tried to do something. One-Two hours of work and like 4:30 hours render( 15.000 samples @ GTX460). Edited in gimp (color correction and bloom).
5 Icospheres
1 Plane
1 Cube
1 UV Sphere
1 Curve

Hope you like it!.
PS: Not used to do stills, I usually make models for games :slight_smile:

Fun Contest, this is my Entry:

A bunch of Cubes, Cylinders and two Planes.

Important: If you are not interested in the first or second prize please add a small note to your submission so that the tickets can go to someone who has actual use for them.

Making a Note here,
huge success. ^^

Here’s what I got.

Spheres in freestyle.


Here’s my work. I wanted to have something like when you use the ‘spin’ function, and I thought it would be fun to use Suzanne as starting mesh. So I used Suzanne and just add 4 modifiers including screw and cast to obtain this:


Hi friends
here is my entry…

Sphere, box and con with displace modifier…

Hope you like it!

Sorry I just noticed I made a double post by mistake. Please delete the first one, thank you =)

@Mr Cravate - You cannot delete posts, just edit the first one and replace it with ------- or something similar.