Blendered Bender

Hi, guys! Here’s my first Blender work (I mean, after a lot of experiments).
Modeled, rigged, shaded, rendered and composited in Blender :slight_smile:
I hope you enjoy it :wink:


Its nice and funny one. :slight_smile:

Cool image! Materials, modeling and shading are perfect. You kept Bender’s cartoony character and kept him as real as possible… not an easiest task. Keep 'em coming!

Really nice. Would be better if you made an environment around him though.

Great work and the vomiting idea made me laugh!

That was the original idea…but I’m too lazy XD

:smiley: cool, in animation films if people are vomiting, the fluid system doesn´t just drop the stuff on the floor ähäm ou how about closing the eyes? :slight_smile:

All he ever wanted to do was kill all humans…Very nice! I like how he clings to his bottle even as he hurls.