BlenderF1_2009 - Spider

Hi :slight_smile:

Blender F1 _ 2009

  • model and textura : blender 2.48 64-bit
  • render : Indigo Renderer v1.1.18 Linux 64-bit release build




It’s pretty original, you can tell that a huge amount of effort has been put in, especially with the materials and texturing. One of the best I’ve seen so far. Good luck in the comp.

Amazing :slight_smile:
Good concept .

Looks cool!
The guy on top reminds me of a stormtrooper…

pretty cool! the concrete and water look very realistic.

The amount of modelling in this is amazing… but the WF has no “Stormtrooper”

A stormtrooper wouldn’t be driving a pink vehicle!

But seriously, that is a terrific piece of work! This will sound weird but I like the design of the tire tread.

The whole piece is incredibly imaginative. I’m jealous!