"Blenderfarm" assistance requested, render-time offered as compensation

Hi all, I hope this is the correct place for this post, and please, don’t mark this as spam.

My name is Booker Smith, I’m a student at Purdue University, and I’m interested in operating a free renderfarm for the blender community. I could use some help with putting together a ‘front-end,’ and also, any advice or wisdom I can soak up from you all, I welcome.

I’m not really interested in filthy obscene profits or anything [this will be an EC] but I would like to have a way for people to make donations if they want, as power costs eventually add up.

I own a 12-core system with 48GB of ram, running linux, that I plan to start out with, and perhaps add an Nvidia card on to later on. If events allow, I’ll network in an 8-core system later this year.

If anyone is willing to work with me to put it into operation and get the word out so we can start running jobs, I would appreciate it, and could probably offer them a priority hour or so every day.

I mainly need someone to build and maintain a [very simple] website [wordpress, etc, is fine] as well as enable a donation system on that website so I can collect the donations. My idea is to receive jobs by email, render them, then compress and return the results. If you are interested in using this service, or helping me breathe life into it, just send me a message! :slight_smile:

Booker Smith

If you just need a website and donations, Google Sites is super easy to use, and Paypal can make donation buttons.

Edit: I suppose I can give it a go if you want