blenderfoundation please we need some Improvements in blender

hi dear friends
first of this Improvements edge tool

this tool is very important in modeling prosese we wish to make it a seperate tool like extrude with its option not as amodifire .
second extrude inner tool must to be aseperate button not to use extrude+esc+scale .
also an important thing that blender dont tell amessage before closing if any one forget to save his project will lose all thing this is not good thing .
i hope to see all this in the super relased version of blender soon

also friend im asking you
how to convert an edge to curve is it possiple in blender ?
best wishes for blender

All of that will be implemented soon. quite a few of the tools haven’t been migrated yet.

The extrude issue is fine though, really, and being a LightWave user, I know what you are talking about.

There is an auto save function happening all of the time with Blender, however my feelings are mixed about it, and the message before close has already been brought up.

Converting an edge to a curve or a curve to a mesh can be done through Alt-C menu.