BlenderFreak's Fully Open!

Hey Guys!,

I know what you’re thinking: “What in the world is BlenderFreaks?!:confused:
Well, allow me to elaborate!:yes:

BlenderFreaks is my new Blender website;:smiley:
It is aimed at beginner-intermediate users of blender who are wanting to bust out their skills but aren’t of a high enough quality to participate in big scale blender projects ( :no: ) and just want to have a bit of fun!:yes:

In the Forums section we have tutorials (I am currently writing Part 2 of a facial rigging tutorial), and Video Tutorials have a section of their own.:cool:

In the Forums section you can start up Blender projects that you’d like other BlenderFreaks to get involved in or ask questions about elements of blender…:eyebrowlift2:
(sorry, you do have to sign up to use the forums)

I also just started a modelling comp; the task is to model a piece of furniture and send it in by 7th May; more details at:

So check it out at

If you are interested in putting out a helping hand and join the team (currently 1) then contact me at [email protected].:o

                      -Thanks Guys-

I’ll try it. Thanks for the website - it’s great when folks use their initiative to bring something for the community.

Thanks Kbot-

It’s very encouraging when you say that-
others have shunned my idea and said i was taking up space;
Your message helps :slight_smile:


Good Luck and keep at it! Never mind “the others”.

i am not sure if the font “Comic Sans” is appropriate for a website like this but at the end it is the content which counts. keep up the good work!

Nice work !
I like video from “Video Tutorials”
Film made by Colin Levy is good .

Have a nice day !

Nice site let’s see where this goes.

Comic Sans does not imply professionalism and I’d suggest to change it really fast.
Anyway as far as I know it is licensed by MS and is not public domain or freely usable so you might be in legal trouble if ever MS decides to go after this kind of stuff or you have a license to use it.

You’re not distributing a font by using it on a website, if your user doesn’t have it on their machine it’ll be substituted for another (close as possible) match…

If you were “baking” it into images then maybe…

Thanks Guys,

Your feedback is helpful-
I will be posting the first video tutorial very soon!! Will cover very basic modeling and rigging… I have completed the video, but it is in a wma. format and will not upload to youtube- I’m searching for a wma-avi converter; any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

I have changed the font :smiley:

I am still searching for somebody with some spare time to chuck around on the website for me! -If you are interested contact me at [email protected]

And, the furniture competition opens tomorrow, if interested please sign up and post your files on the forum!


if the video size isnt too big, you could send it to me and i will converty it for you, my download speed is usualy 100-150 kb.
so just tell me how big it is so i know if its gonna take very long

p.s. i have the sony vegas video editin software which costs quite a bit so i dont think you would want to get it yourself

sounds cool, I’ll check it out :wink:

Woop, woop!

The first BlenderFreaks video tutorial is planned to be released by tomorrow…
It covers basic modeling and basic rigging…

The video clocks in at just over 20mins and will be available for viewing through a YouTube widget, under ‘Video Tutorials+’

Cool, and once again thanks for your support… Last count was 220 hits in 2 days!

Hey Guys!

I’ve certainly made some renovations to the BlenderFreaks website…
And I,ve uploaded two new videos to the videos section… still waiting on that vid tutorial though… You guys have been so awesome in supporting BlenderFreaks it’s amazing!

Don’t Forget, BlenderFreak’s first competition starts today, you have until 10 May to send me your entries!

Thanks again; remember to sign up to those forums!