BlenderGame Framerates

(OmegaPrime1) #1

Thanks to everyone who posted me back. To any game creators, I was
wondering what is the best framerate to use on games. I noticed some
games were slow and my hardware is up to date! P4 2Ghz,256RAM, NVIDIA , win 2000 prof. Its more or less a question about creating so i can use as a reference to make future games.Any help will do Thanks! :smiley:

(wiseman303) #2

Well, it depends on the type of game. A turn based strategy game doesnโ€™t need a very high framerate, but for action games 10 FPS should be absalute minimum (better 15 or 20 FPS.)

I actualy have a PDF about game animating, and it lists recomended framerates as:

Pong games - 15-30 FPS
Maze/chase games - 20-30 FPS
Puzzlers - 9-15 FPS
Shooters - 20-50 FPS
Platformers - 20-30 FPS