BlenderGame publish in a execute file

Anyone can give a brief idea for game created using blender be published in a executable file. What i want to do is to make a standalone game walkthrough of my house and what to show some of my friends but what to amaze them later that i created that in blender. As most of my friends are max users and they talk around that max only is good for creating walkthroughs.

Simple game to run but not inside blender

umm, if you can make it run as you like in blender you can export a .exe with file->export runtime

[don’t forget that python23.dll and sdl.dll need to be copied to the same folder as your runtime]

is that what you are looking for, or did you mean to imply you didn’t want to use blender’s game engine but another one?

thanks for the reply, yes that is what i wanted.

god knows how many times this has been asked… :-? :wink: