Contest 2002 Progress Check?

(ineedanewbi) #1

hey everyone… its me, askin’ about ppls games again

so how’s everyone doing?
anyone doing anything spectacluar or have any new screenshots?
im interesting in seeing how far everyone is

who’s all competeing anyways? im sure they’re must be more ppl than the names on’s list

(Haunted-House) #2

I’m still searching for a good idea, I have made about 10 test games…and I deleted them all.
I can’t seem finish any projects…

(saluk) #3

Oh come on joecool, you can do it. Still a few weeks left! Don’t give up!

Yeah, that happens to me a lot too Lagan, although I’ve only had about 3 so far. I’m working on TWO games right now, whichever one comes out best I’ll submit:) As soon as my site goes back up I’m going to have an AWESOME teaser trailer for one of them. And I’ve got some of the first few areas pretty planned out. Who knows where I’ll be in a few weeks.

(Pooba) #4

Yeah Joe! You had a good model and everything, why’d you quit?

My game is… not really started yet. Once i get a good idea i’ll have it.


(ineedanewbi) #5

i know… that really bites…
anyone remember my halloween game?

i figuered it’d be the greatest game of all time … well… somewhat good anyways… an odd take on max payne

turns out that the graphics “blow” and that it runs way to slow for most comps

so after the 4th level… i pretty much quite… i dont think ill reallly finish it
it is really 33% done, … sad… really, projects only go so far

but on the possitive side, even though projects become a wreck… u often start a new project (hopefully more successful), but it would be great if u guys could still share your discontinued work


(jrt) #6

That’s not a bad idea ineedanewbi. To have a section on your websites for finished games and another for ones that got consigned to the garbage basket. Only thing is the garbage basket would probably get more views than the finished games! lol!


(Abracsis) #7

my interface is complete. i have 14 playable ships and they all work as enemies too. I would like to refine the AI though.

I am about to start constructing actual levels to play with, and objects which progress you through the game. It should have at least 5 levels by the time it is complete.

The only problem i have with the game is that when you add an enemy it doesn’t work. Therefore all enemies in the level would have to be active the whole time.

I seem to be able to have 7 enemies at the same time on a P4 1.7GHz, with a slight slow down.

If i have time which i probably will, the first release will include the flight “Bar” rendered and designed by Lagan.


(doogs) #8

Well sorry I have no games to submit.

Maybe MAYBE i’ll put in a demo of my game im working on now… But not too sure. bleh… sorry kids


(Peter) #9

I’m making a FPS game with a touch of Resident Evil/Silent Hill. It’s constructed as a demo (1 level). The level is all planned out and I have built 4 rooms so far. Music is done and made by my brother (he worked hard this weekend)
No texures yet. My two big worries are the AI and the framerate… Some shots:

Work hard everybody! I want to play some quality games on Jan 15!

By the way ineedanewbi, what are you working on?

(munkey_mike) #10

man this really sucks. I didn’t even know about the contest till a couple of days ago and there’s no way to bang out a good quality game (in my opinion) in just a couple of weeks. Oh well. I can’t wait for the next contest! :stuck_out_tongue:

(lizard809) #11

nice p99 peter!

well we have the first level of our game 98% done but 6 more levels and intro and other scenes to make. it still will be a big challenge to make the other levels since every level is a different genre(so i cant just copy objects). our other game has two levels and overall is 25% done, i hope we can get both done in time. saluk, i might need your help in making a python script that is able to write to a file so i can have highscore/unlocked secrets. also in the game i have a German spaceport. anyone know the translation of “auxilary spaceport” is it Zusatzweltraumhafen? cause thats the best i could translate it.

here are some screenshots, lots are old so ive probably posted them before:

(xintoc) #12


Hey, that game seems very good. Could you upload it somewher…
(You don’t have to if you don’t want).

The game seems very good… 8)

(gargola) #13

yeah…it’s a shame when you start a project and it turns out that it’s not what you want or it sux,then you dump it to the trash.tell me about it,i may be the king of “unfinished” games! LOL well,you just keep working till you find the right idea for a’s good to see that there are some guys here that are working on games with great models!the screens looks very it’s up to you to post a link for us to get the demos(if it’s not for the contest). :smiley:

(xintoc) #14

Here’s a pic of my model for a game I’m making(not for the contest)
I don’t know the name of the game yet!
Really soon I will have the alpha file under my games section…

(saluk) #15

Peter: Damn, you hardly need textures with shading/radiosity/lighting/whatever as good as that is! Very nice gun/hand model as well.

Lizard: looking pretty good, too bad your great other level is getting misused in the notworking multiplayer demo. Quick python fommands for files: open(filename,“w”) returns an open file to write to, open(filename,“r”) returns an open file to read from, file.readlines() reads each line in the file to a big list you can scan through, file.write(string) writes a string to the file ("
" in a string will go to the next line), file.writelines(list) writes a list of strings, each on seperate line, and file.close() clears the file from memory.

Xintoc: The link didn’t work for me, but I’m sure your game will rock

Munkey_Mike: you should at least try, a lot of us are not as far along as some of the other people. It’s not about winning, its about participating:) If you keep it simple, it will be easier to complete.

Doogs: I know you can do it!

Abracsis: Did you work out away to do bigworld?

Ineednewbike: yeah, halloween was great, although slow :frowning: It’s the ai. Blender doesn’t do well with ai. Unless you do everything in python (including the track to).

Pooba: think think think think:) Sometimes what I do is start modelling something and then come up with a game/story around it. Might work for you, ya never know.

Same with you Lagan!

GOod luck everyone!

(wiseman303) #16

I’ve got some screenshots from our game at

They don’t really show our actual progress though, since most of them are old and outdated. It’s hard to concentrate on making a game and keep a website updated to show your progress at the same time :-?

(Peter) #17

You recognized the gun, lizard :smiley: I realy like your carmodels!

Thanks Saluk, I’m exited to see what you’re working on!

Your game looks great, wiseman. Are you calculating the framerate yourself in a script?

(ineedanewbi) #18

wow… im seeing some really nice screenshots,
peter… u game looks good, even without textures

for everyone who hasnt known me for long, my actualy name should be
its only says ineedanewbi cuz it chops off the last few letters of my name

anyways, my game is going pretty good, still needs lots of work, might redo AI to make the game go faster, hands arnt textured too good either, still working on the first level… probably wont get much work done until chirstmas break with school and sports to do too on weekends

the last pic shows my game and after using radiosity, i rendered the textures later, but the dam 8bit texture thing makes my walls look like crap… maybe ill just use a lot of vertices to create the shadiing

(lizard809) #19

if you are using win98 set your desktop to “True Colors(32 bit)” and every thing will look a lot better

(wiseman303) #20

Yes, I modified one of calli’s scripts.

Thanks for the compliment :slight_smile: , but I can’t take all the credit, our team has four people: Blender_Owl, Al_capone, Koby, and me.