BlenderGuru 2.8 Donut tutorial with Blend 2.82

EDIT: I don’t know enough about what I don’t know to ask the right questions about Blender

I really want to follow along with the Blender beginner tutorial offered by Blender Guru on youtube, his donut tutorial. However, he uses 2.8 and not 2.82, and as the comments section will attest, simply pressing play after adding the Suzanne mesh and QuickSmoke, doesn’t render the smoke, nor the fire and smoke. One has to click 4 or 5 different areas in menus and panels, then Bake, and only then can one see the effect.

Is there a way I can setup 2.82 like 2.8?

My reasoning is that if I’m already, with something very basic, have to fault find as to why 2.82 isn’t doing what 2.8 would’ve done, following along with that tutorial will be laborious and possibly waaay longer than expected.

As an absolute beginner, I can’t say what exactly is different, hope someone can assist.

The whole smoke and fire thing has changed in Blender 2.82. To get it to work you just need to really change one thing though. Change the Cache Type to Replay.

I wouldn’t stress too much about this. It’s a rather pointless bit thrown in at the end of the first part of his tutorial on donuts which has absolutely nothing to do with the main tutorial at all.

I agree with John. Though if u really want follow blender guru step by step u could always download older blender version I think.

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Thank you @JohnMalcolm1970 and @Jon_Targ

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I actually followed that tutorial not too long ago, just for the hell of it. I realised that I’d never made a doughnut :slight_smile: I can’t be sure, but I don’t think there are any parts in the main tutorial that will cause a problem if done in the current release version of Blender.

Sticking in the monkey/smoke thing at the end of part one of the tutorial just seems weird, but I guess he wanted to show new users something cool after a rather dry introduction to Blender before the actual doughnut stuff got started.

Thanks John. Keen to see it through as my first foray, unless you have another series suggestion? My intention with Blender is some 3D animation, I like the lowPoly stuff, I think that is applicable to our company clients, and set extensions for film, the latter a later skill to look into.

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It’s actually a good tutorial that covers a lot of ground - basic modeling, sculpting, particle systems, materials, lighting and rendering. There’s a Reddit devoted to the donut tutorial where people ask for specific advice or share their results. Many people adapt the tutorial and try their own take on it.

CGBoost seem to have some solid Blender 2.8 tutorials too, although they are paid for rather than free like Mr Price’s

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Sweet. Thank you for the advice John. Wishing you a splendid week.

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