Blenderguru Another Planet Concept

So i’ve been thinking about doing one of these for awhile and now with my autogyro project wrapping up I thought I’d try my hand at the blenderguru competition; Be a nice way learn new things.
Current Progress:

So going with the theme I started work modeling an alien for the planet. So in trying new things I decided to actually try to sculpt this model, well, at least the head; not much of a sculpter. Almost done with the head retopology, then I’ll be doing some retopology on the body to join it to the head.

I saw this competition too but I don’t have the courage (and the skills) to compete ^^

Nice start, but I would expect a thinner head to fit the body, especially the neck which is very long. But it may be a voluntary choice.
Looking forward to see the evolution, and the planet :slight_smile:

Yeah the long neck was on purpose, I may shorten it slightly, for the scene I was going to make a spacesuit for him that took his neck length into account and had supports for his neck when on planets where the gravity would be too high or too thick of an atmosphere for his neck to support the head.

Working on the retoplogy of the body but unfortunately the hard drive on my desktop has decided to finally kick the bucket. fortunately it was only used for blender and all those projects were always backed up on an external and some additionally in the cloud. So it’s going to almost be business as usual just need to set everything up on my laptop which hasn’t been used for blender for a few years. Hoping the new hard drive arrives soon.

Finished retopology on the body that I’ll be building the spacesuit on. Also tested some multires sculpts on a 2nd model for some normal mapping.

Hard drive issue’s been resolved with a replacement so It seems I’ll be able to continue this project as planned.

Nice, waiting for your next posts :slight_smile: Your last attachment is invalid btw.

So apparently this project is starting to be many firsts for me, I always do box modeling but somehow found myself sculpting for this project. Anyways, stared the sculpt on the face portion of the spacesuit. The overall idea for the suit is that the back portion of the head will have a support that will attach to the back of the body portion of the suit which will allow his neck to be supported in environments that do not allow him to naturally support himself.

Now I’m going to start the body portion of the suit.

Thanks for letting me know Asmoth, I just fixed the attachment, should work now.

Finished retopology on each of the sections of the helmet, also adding some padding and vents to the interior of the helmet. Glass needs a little bit more work but on schedule so far with this project.

Tomorrow I don’t have much time but I’d like to finish up work on the chest sculpt. (I’ll have to completely redo the sculpt) and get as much work finished on retopology as I can.
The goal is to get the character finished up with at least 30 days left for the landscape, materials, and compositing.

Trying to work out a spacesuit design for my character. I think I have an idea on where to go from here so now I just need to assemble it. The chest piece is another set of lights to help the character navigate in dark environments.

The brown on the suit is some test dirt I was playing around with. When I do the actual render I’m going to texture paint any dirt/ imperfections on the suit.

So the overall theme I’m going with is this character is exploring a seemingly lifeless planet and is searching for microbial life in leftover geothermal pools on what is otherwise a desert planet, somewhat similar to mars. So in the render he will be taking a liquid sample of one of these pools.

So the overall theme I’m going with is this character is exploring a seemingly lifeless planet and is searching for microbial life in leftover geothermal pools on what is otherwise a desert planet

So in a way this is Eve from Wall•E :stuck_out_tongue:
I like so far, apparently you have planned how much time it will take etc, you’ll probably end up with an interesting render :slight_smile: