Santa hat tutorial

Hey guys i’m new here , just decided to get serious about blender after giving up years ago , and i’ve been going through lots of tutorials.
One of the best websites i encountered was and i’ve just finished the santa hat tutorial on there.

So here goes nothing, critique? give me your best shot :wink: Image should be here unless i failed at the attachment…


Not bad, but I think the red is a bit too bright and the plane is too small for the whole image.

Thanks , i didnt actually notice the plane being too small , i’ll try toning the red down a little aswell , cheers!

Looks nice, one thing that catches my eye is that the child particles in the fur are too uniform. If you look at the fur on the brim of the hat there are several places where its evident that about 10 or 15 hairs are pointing the exact same direction following the parent hair. I’d try to roughen them up a little bit and it’ll look more natural.

Thanks, i’ll mess around with it a little and see how it turns out, oh by the way i looked at your website and that’s a sweet hollowbody on there, is that a gibson?

EDIT: Ok i didnt look at the headstock

Actually it’s modeled after my ibanez, but for some reason I didn’t put that on the headstock. I can’t remember why at the moment :o

It looks nice, but as CMonson said the hairs are too uniform. Another thing is that you can tell the hat is paper-thin, if you look closely. Add some more ruffling (probably “Brownian”) to your white hair strands and it should look nice, and also move your camera a bit so you can’t tell the hat is “2d.”

Thats one HELL of an ibanez Cmonson, i have an ibanez RG321 so i kind of picture all ibanez guitars with the same body if you know what i mean , also Jbest , do you mean by paper thin , the mesh itself has no depth? i guess thats what i mean anyway.

Oh , sorry for the double posting i know some forums have a problem with that , but i just want to add , just signing up to this forum has already been a great help , I’ll go through a couple of the tutorials on your website Jbest, and Post a thread later on if thats alright? also i really liked that watch in your portfolio so i’m kind of intrigued to give it a go myself, cheers