BlenderGuru Competition - character

here is where i post my work updates. in this competition i will make a girl that i think she have an interesting background. She lived in an city or something that filled with pollution. but the girl really really want to see star. just imagine what she possibly do in that condition. hhaha

and here is the concept :

and here is the progress in blender.

she will be have a steampunk looks like in cartoon style. i don’t know will it works or not.


Post your wips here. We will help you out.

another update. some part ar changed while i continue the modeling.


The image is not showing for me, maybe you should just upload it on the forums.

really? ok will reupload the image

can you see it now?
Do you know how to post an image without shoeing the attachment, so it doesn’t look like double uploaded?

I can see it, and it’s looking pretty good! :smiley: