Blenderguru competition Entry: A golf ball's last journey

Attached is an entry for Blender Guru’s latest competition titled “Saying Goodbye”

Rendered in Blender Cycles and post production in Blender Compositor.

PS: Not too happy about a square that shows up on the top right. Ran out of time.

Pankaj Sharma


lol! what is that red square in the top right corner
Besides that, awesome render :slight_smile:
grass looks great

Me thinks it is an artifact of my compositing logic.

Thanks. It was a lot of fun creating this image.

thats awesome, im not really sure what youtr talking about idh but i dont see any red square

quite a fun render; how did you make the grass in cycles? it appears to have dew on it aswell which is pretty awesome :smiley:

Followed basically the same tutorials that are available on the web for grass with BI. But when texturing, used cycles texturing instead of BI. Next steps were to use weight paint to distribute the grass unevenly so that the taller grass is clubbed together. Made a couple of grass blades with dew on it and then used that to get the effect of random dew.



The square is right by the tree on the right side over the bottom part of the leaves.