BlenderGuru Competition: Future Technology. Post your projects here!

Hey guys, new competition has been started. It is something new special. Here cups of the winner:Prize:.$400 for a charity of your choice.$200 Gift Card for the Blender Guru.

I’m working on a modified STA 52 Rifle
I was going to work on a freeze ray but eh…

not very good with volumetrics…

fdfxd, hey, its not worry-like thing. Just post any WIP here. All projects are welcome as always. From noobius to Pro. :wink:

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it’s in no way shape or form ready for viewing but…


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I don’t know why Andrew Price stopped posting his contest threads on this forum, some of them produced a lot of interesting images.

I know that some here do not like him all that much, but I would think his contest threads were quite benign.


Why don’t people like andrew price?

They still didn’t get over the “why your render sucks” article?

Not that, but mainly because a lot of people became angry over his podcast on where the Blender UI and its workflow could go (which I hope there’s no one around now who is still holding a grudge due to that).

People were against his UI podcasts?
(I know somebody hated the one with the UI specialist but eh, yeah everything else was buttery smooth from what I can tell)

Hey, guys! I can say just one thing: Maybe not to trying to openning unneeded themes?! Please, stay on rules. This thread just for posting something directed to “theme” itself.

So we link a web ip of a image we made/make in blender?
and are we limited to only one entry or can we upload more then one of our works?

Just a single image. Its a rule of competition!

Ok, is there more info; like how long it goes for. That we can inter our projects?

see here:

okay so i don’t have much experience, but i thought it would be cool to make like a anti-asteroid rocket to protect earth from incoming asteroids.

its made with blender render, i tried to get cycles to work but it didn’t like to flames i made.

Good luck everyone.

i just looked at the pictures in the comments on the blenderguru page, wow they are good.

I do not know why Andrew Price stopped signing his contest thread on the forum, some of them produce a lot of interesting pictures. I know that some here do not like him all that much, but I would think his contest theme is quite benign.

Hello guys i’m new here but i want to share this render with cc are welcome

i dont understand a thing ??? i mean what are the rulls? what are the goals? whos hosting this now?

Explore the internet :roll_eyes: long gone… now only living in the past.