Blenderguru competition - Saying Goodbye ~ Tung

Hola :slight_smile:
This is my wip that I am working on for the competition. It is my saying goodbye to a lifelong addition of smoking, after years of trying to quit, I was able to finally able to quit 2 years ago, so this is a tribute to that journey.
here are some pics, final pic is going to be render in cycles.
Waste basket:
Toilet paper roll:
Broken cigs:

Thanks Andrew for the competitions and for all of the tutorials -n- insight you bless of with day in and day out :slight_smile:

Good luck to all :slight_smile:
Happy blending


Its strange just how many toilets are featured in this months comp, but this is a great model anyway :slight_smile:
how did you quit, ive just quit drinking after being an alcoholic and its not easy, i couldnt uite smoking…speaking of, time for a smoke :wink:

It was the hardest thing to quit, I tried zyban, champix, patches,gum the whole nine… after 5 failed attempts, the last one was a combination of the last three and after 2 weeks of strictly following it, I finally had the willpower to say… “That’s it!!!”
Even now after 2 years I can still get the cravings or smell someone who had been smoking. It is a ruff long dark road for sure.
Good luck :slight_smile:

congrats on quitting :slight_smile:
cant wait to see the rendered result

Its strange just how many toilets are featured in this months comp

LMAO so true

This…and also ships. A lot of boats and ships. :P.

Indeed too many toilets on this competition :slight_smile: I would expect a train station by someone lol… on the other hand I like the models… looks clean and neat. Like the candles but I wouldnt place them over there myself :slight_smile: , its your artist’s right though :slight_smile:
Want to see the detail on the toilet paper side… always bugged me on how to make it seem real, as in book pages sticking in and out…
Also maybe consider the “bin” to something more fun than plain wire/metal mesh?

I wish I could model that well…
But I agree with Artistic, The Basket could be solidisher
(Yes I made up my own word^)

first off, well done, one day i might try quitting, ive had 3 failed attepts and bugger its not easy lol.
secondly i cant wait to see this baby rendered xD
third - solidisher…what a word, bravo ishcabibil ;D
forth, damn mines got something to do with a boat aswell >_<

Update: texture test

Working on lighting and textures, more to follow.


wow its coming to life :slight_smile: i love the tailors in the water aswell :slight_smile: just remember that when a tailor gets wet it turns a dark gray :slight_smile:
thanks xD once im feeling back to normal from quitting drink i will try quitting fags, i know my gf will be happy, she hates me smoking lol, but strangly my drinking problem never bothered her :?
thank you xD if you ever try doing a boat or anything lie that i can give you some great tipe on getting the ocean looking right with the bow wave coming from the boat aswell :slight_smile:

The water looks too blue-ish for me, in fact water doesn’t have any color. The toilet is not reflective enough, same for tiles on the walls. I like the detail on the cupboard. :slight_smile:

Hola, :slight_smile:
Couple of Updates:

Hi Res:

Added: a Logo on the Toilet Lid
Changed: the nicorette box
Even though it seams to have not made much of a difference I changed the Nicorette box to have a flap the close’s the box( It seams that I can’t see it that well but wanted to give it even more of a realism, of a box that can be opened :p)

I took your advice bizla, and darkened up the smokes in the water ( it still may not be enough though.)
And I also took your advice Apptux and Changed the water color + added more gloss to the toilet and the walls.

Thanks for the Crits, :eyebrowlift2: Keep them coming :slight_smile: I need all the help I can.

wow, these little things have already made a huge difference :smiley:
i can see 2 things that ruin it though… the flush handle looks like its made out of the lead in pencil :stuck_out_tongue: and so does the toilet roll holder, just make them look like chrome and it’ll be great :slight_smile:

Great advice bizla,
Now with more chrome…


And I thought I would include my ref sheet…

Thanks for all of the advice and crits. :slight_smile:
Think I’ll put in in the oven now and let it simmer for a couple of days…
(of course that means my daily builds for are on hold)
Hmmm, do I beg premission or forgiveness for snagging my wifes laptop? :evilgrin:
She tends to give evil eyes when I start going for it :stuck_out_tongue:

brilliant work mate :slight_smile:
and thank you xD
haha, i give the same eyes when my girlfriend starts heading towards one of my computers lol :slight_smile:
enjoy your couple of days off :wink:

Wow, awesome work, thanks for sharing.

It looks really great. Especially the toilet and the toilet paper. But i think you can improve the lightning a bit. It is just an idea but: You can make a window in a not visible place and let the sun shine in (add a sun and put the size down to 0.1 (in the lightning settings)). I hope you understand what i mean :). Overall, very nice work. Keep it up :yes:

Hi there. It is looking fairly good. Certain things could use work, like the lighting, but I don’t have time to really critique it. I did just have one note that I want to alert you to though, as it is still there from a while back. That would be the toilet paper roll, it has scaling problems. It very literally looks like it’s only two inches long. It hardly looks bigger than, say, those little candles! That is something easy to fix though. Just fix the scale and your picture will be looking quite nice.

I just need to ask, what are you eating to need such a watertank on a toilet, hehe? Watching your reference material I realize this isn’t an error, somewhere they actually use toilets with these 100 l. water tanks. Fascinating, hehe… ;D

And in regard to the render, very impressive from sketch to render. Cycles is becoming a really nice renderer. The only thing I’d like to point out is the lack of shadows (and contact shadows), the scene generally seems to light in the corners. So work on the lighting/shadows, otherwise very nice indeed. :slight_smile:

Hola gang,
@ bizla, thanks alot bro :slight_smile:
@ axelredfield, Thanks alot for the kind words :slight_smile:
Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: I’ve added a window with a plane setup for light to come thru, ( tho I think it will also allow the world to come thru as well, ( I have it rendering now, will let it cook till tomorrow when I get off work and see a before -n- after effect :slight_smile: Thanks again.
@ A’nW,
Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: as mentioned to CMOS, I’ve tried a different lighting setup and will see if it helps or which one would be a better setup for the final, as for the scaling on the toilet paper, I did scale it up some so we will also see if thats helps as well. Thanks again for your time :slight_smile:
@ Farmfield,

I just need to ask, what are you eating to need such a watertank on a toilet, hehe?
LOL, Yes we eat well :stuck_out_tongue: true tho, I went bye the references I had on hand and they were very close, guess I could have taking it down a notch tho :eyebrowlift2:

I’ll post a before -n- after tomorrow to compare the changes and see which one I should proceed with.

Thanks alot for all off the great feedback,