Blenderguru contest WIP

My idea is simply a fishing village just before dawn. Still working on the models. Wasted a week on the boat and only saw the competition a week late.

Most of the large modeling done. All that is needed now is the details and to stop the water looking like milk. C & C welcome.

Here is the finished result. 500 Samples Cycles. Blender Internal for smoke. Used compositor to merge and used gimp just to add my name.

It is a nice composition. If you add more details like: barrels, nets, boxes maybe some stands then it will become alive. Just for the lighting and to see more of the actual scene I would add some light sources like fire places, lamps or light from within the houses (at least all of them have fire). Currently its pretty dark.
Still a week to go :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’ve been very busy this week. Did not have time to model the extras that must still come into the scene. Will add them as I get time to model them but unfortunately will not be part of comp entry image.