Blenderguru Introduction to Rigging Tutorial Lee Salvemini

Tutorial went smoothly until I got to the part about the skirt around 17:10.

For some reason the skirt is not visible in edit mode, so I can’t select it. It is visible in object mode. Even though the person and the skirt seem to be the same object in object mode.

Also, in edit mode now the armature is no longer lined up with the mesh, even though It had been and I had already successfully been able to pose and everything. In object mode armature still looks perfect.

Anyone know what I may have done wrong or how I can fix it?

Also, in weght paint mode I can only seem to select the entire armature, although in the tutorial he is clearly selecting one bone and posing.

hit alt-h in editmode to unhide the verts.

for weightpaint make sure the armature is in posemode befor switching the mesh to weightpaint.