Blenderguru scifi: Teleporter

Finally I´ve decided to participate in a challenge. I know it’s a bit late, but lets make it just for fun. :yes:
It’s going to be an ancient like science fiction, I mean ancient aliens technology. Blocked scene:

Please feel free to give your opinion.

I have two stories about this scene so far and I can’t decice whcich one is better. It can be a temple on Earth where humans dicovered a portal and they are trying to run it. The second idea is aliens are using this portal casually on some planet far deep in space.

I try to follow the rule of thirds, so the lines are crossing over columns, entrance, portal and maybe something on the floor on left side.

If you will have a lot of time it may be ok this view, otherwise i think is better to bring the camera nearer to the portal…less things to be modeled :smiley:

The portal

I’m going to add some alien writings on rings.

Its a Stargate lol.

my thoughts exactly!

are you going for a brand spanking new temple or an old temple in ruins?

This idea of blocking is interesting to me! I’m mainly interested in the surrounding pillars… Are they linked objects that you will work on in their various files, so it’s updated in the final scene?

I tend to old, ruined temple and pathetic humans trying to use something they shouldn’t.

Well, those pillars are just duplicated cylinders.:smiley: But I like the idea of linking them.

Any ideas how to add some cracks?

Oh yeah u can duplicate with linked object data right?! Haha

and wouldn’t u add cracks with a bump map?

I took a little brak from modeling and I made material for the portal.

Lines are generated by wave texture. Is there any way to distort it? There is a distortion value in wave texture node but i want more like zig-zag effect.

Imo the view you’ve chosen doesnt favor the scene, right now its almost like a bird’s eye view giving us “superiority” over the scenes, rather, this portal seem sto be important, it should look massive, huge and powerfull, try a rat’s pov,(camera very low to the ground) to give the portal a more importamnt meaning whilst sticking to the rule of thirds. Right now it might as well be the portal to the janitor’s closet.

Awesome work though! ::slight_smile:

Little update

Half-done temple with major lamps.

50 samples only but took really long to render and it’s very grainy as for pure clay render.

Okay, you’ve obviously put a lot of work and forethought into this but I have to ask… Why does it have to look “Exactly” like stargate? It don’t look bad or poorly done at all. Quite the contrary. I’s just like to see something different.


Are you talking about tv series Stargate? I’ve watched only a few episodes some time ago and I wasn’t even thinking about it when I was making this. Anyway if you say it’s too similar here is another version.

Also added some sand and wall fragments on the right side.

Yeah, it’s not exactly like it:


But my point was just to try and use you’re imagination to create things that have never been seen before or at least not as common. I think you’ve got something there now. :slight_smile:

I doubt if I finish it on time. You know exams and so on. Anyway, here is another render. I think I will have to play with the camera a bit and of course add some more light.

Keep us updated! I love temples and teleportation haha want to see where this goes

Testing render times. 300 samples, half resolution (4 times less pixels) - 30 minutes. I think I will need about 2k samples to get rid of that noise so it’s going to take about 14 hours. I will have to use render border for sure.
I’m going to remove the vehicle at the entrance. The material for the portal is just emission shader mixed with transparent one using voronoi texture as factor. Looking for better idea.

Don’t look at that strange waves on the floor, I just assigned sand material to everything.

Try making your own custom texture or ask someone to make one for you :wink:

using voronoi texture as factor

why not using musgrave texture ? seems more appropriate for the effect !

i suggest you to choose your camera view from now…by chance, you will have less shadow to calculate…and it makes your render tests faster…