BlenderGuru Steampunk - Rise and Downfall

Hello everyone!
Here is my WIP so far for the BlenderGuru steampunk competition.
I’m thinking of adding more to the main element which is right now just the turret. Maybe a car or another vehicle since the scene is not that steampunky yet.

I’d love to hear what you guys think :slight_smile:

What exactly is the story behind this image? I think that should really drive what changes you make. So far it looks great!
And welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:
The story right now revolves around the protagonist’s life. It starts with his childhood when the protagonist begins to build/invent smaller vehicles (car and airship). As he approaches adulthood his main project is also the focus object of the scene. Right now it is the turret. After that he drifts into depression as displayed by the alcohol and cigarettes, though I haven’t really figured out yet WHY this happens. The building in the background is also an indicator for the passing of time as it’s being built, covered by trees and lastly destroyed. I also tried using it in the story but I don’t really have an idea for that yet.
Further work will probably include adding another vehicle to the turret and steampunking up the car on the left.
I’m open for any and all suggestions :slight_smile:

New update! Just finished rendering!
I just added a flying machine, still needs to be polished a lot though. Gonna do that tomorrow

I’ve seen your work in BlenderGuru already. One of my favorites, i must say.

Great work so far, what is the story behind the image? is this someones desk in there house? I can’t quite tell at the moment…

The general colour scheme and atmosphere fits very well into the steampunk genre, but i think you’re objects are lacking the mechanical/steampowered qualities of a true steampunk image.

Some gears and a bit of pipe work can never hurt.

Welcome to the forum mate :slight_smile: this is a strong first post

Edit - I should have read the name! i think I understand the concept now, on the left is the civilisation as it begins and starts to progress, in the centre is when they develop tools of war and the right is the aftermath of the such tools being created… is that right?

Very nice picture.
I love the colours and details.

Read his second post, he put the storyline there

@NID Graphics - lol, i see it now. For some reason that comment wasn’t there when i first checked this thread.

@The Tachyon - Looking great man, that flying machine is great, it’s like a victorian style quadcopter.

Bringin’ in the punk! Hot and steamy!
switched the car and blueprints.

What do you think :smiley:

Cool! Don’t entirely desert your original story though :wink:

Hello again!
Thanks for all the comments I got about the previous versions, it means a lot to me :smiley:
Here is a new update

I think I’m going to change the story a bit:
In the background you can now see a city, which is being built in the course of time. Each invention the protagonist makes is being adapted in the city and leads to a thriving society. The third invention I added is already falling apart on the designing table, but is used in the city nonetheless. At last the city is destroyed by this invention going haywire.

Some striking problems with this:
-The last invention is looking more like it’s being built than rather falling apart.
-There is too much going on on the right side of the image.
-(most of all) neither the city nor the inventions are very cleary distinguishable. I think about making a new scene just for the background.

Any further problems, critique, thoughts or other comments are very welcome :slight_smile:

Render at 200% and i think this is good! Looks awesome!

I love the image, beatifully executed, but I think the image should be scaled up in it’s z axis

so for example if the resolution is 1920 x 300 maybe make it 1920 x 350-400?
good luck, I am also working on an entry

You captured a nice mood in this one, but the story is not obvious enough. Regarding your problems with the third invention I’d suggest maybe some sort of a bomb. Easy readable and makes sense with the story about destruction. Instead of the inventor failing, the story might be that the government is abusing his invention and the person feels guilty. Hope this helps.

Great idea :smiley:
I think I’m going to add a bomb or a similar destruction device to the last one. Then I would also have a reason to leave the turrets on the quadcopter as some sort of linear progression of potential perdition :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m currently rendering the new backgrounds. It’s going a lot better since the lighting is way easier in a seperate project.
New update is probably coming tomorrow :slight_smile:

Here we go!

I’m a lot happier with the new background(s) :slight_smile:
I also added the bomb to the bomber (I’m going to call it bomber from now on).

There are still too many things on the right and in comparison too few on the left.
Let me know what you think :smiley:

This is looking really great :slight_smile: You’re recent changes are brilliant, the background really stands out more now, and it’s a lot easier to see that it’s a city… Great progress man :smiley:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:
Alright, another quick update:

I’m removing the childhood from the picture. It’s just too difficult for me to display it in just one image. Instead I’m going to focus on the condition the protafonist is in. First he has just one glass standing, then an ashtray joins the party. Then two glasses, a bottle and more cigarettes. Finally a bunch of bottles and the spilled glass.
I also rotated the bomber a little so the bomb is now better identifiable.

Another update!
Just tweaked the materials, UVs and placements a little bit

Whadda ya think :slight_smile: