Blenderguru Steampunk (Steampunk Dog)

This is my WIP for the Steampunk Contest

here is the base of the steampunk dog would like some feedback on the anatomy

Here is a update on the dog

started to add the steampunk aspect, still need to add the fine detail.
Feedback is welcome

Here is update on the Dog face

this is one with a basic material

Haha, I didn’t know that steampunking a dog was possible.XD You’re off to a good start. Did you use sculpting to make the brass areas?

Thanks Terrance, I didn’t know if it was possible either.XD Yes everything was sculpting

Alright, that’s kind of what I thought. You might want to retopologize them or clean them up a bit, they look messy.

Yeah, that’s what i’m going to do is retopologize the dog

I’ll be looking forward to the result.:slight_smile:

Hi fastcraft5

Looking good, also did not know that you could steampunk a dog, really made me giggle. A LOT :smiley:

Very keen to see the outcome of this. Keep it up.


Sorry haven’t posted any update in awhile, been busy with school and finals. So school is finally over, I will be able to post more updates so here is what I have so far.

Thanks speed777777

lol, this could be good XD

Here is another update I added the fur, tubes and the eye

Render at 100 samples
Thanks NID Graphics, still need to work on the Steampunk parts a little more. Tomorrow will work on Environment