BlenderGuru- SteamPunk

Ok, I am planning to finish this image this time.

This is the result so far, with alot fo work to go.

Any comments welcome.

Keep up the good work blenderheads.

PS. No post work done.


A complete change of direction, which judging by the lack of comments is a good thing.

Still in early stages, more refinement, details etc to work out and model.

Much happier with this idea.

Please feel free to comment, feedback is always usefull.

Both are good ideas, the second seems a little generic, but you can pull it off I think. Keep at it!

If you want people to reply and get engaged with your project, you need to post regular updates. Just a tip.

Hi starfingers, the fly in the first post is beautiful, but the blockout in the second post is much more what someone expects to see when thinking steampunk. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comments.
I did like the fly, but was worried that would be to generic & wasn’t 100% happy with how it was going.
Here is the flay, with some recycled parts from the ship & some stand in legs. Will use some of the ideas I was incorporating into the ship & have some more ideas from yet more research. I often find it hard to settle on an idea & get carried away with research.

Look forward to comments.

the fly looks good man, how about some steam punk cameras and optics for eyes? :slight_smile:

@Jamie sounds cool, but with insectoid anatomy, those would be some extreme fish-eye-lenses. ; )

Just to throw an actual innovative design idea out there… How about combining insectoid features with the fish like features from the zeppelin and create a heavy weight transport vehicle. A fish like zeppelin with insect like legs. The design should convey: " Too heavy to fly but light enough to walk on such legs".
Just because you guys questioned the originality of the block-outs. Hope this is useful. Good luck in the competition.

Not had to much time to spend on it, but have made some changes.

The head is just a stand in, the eyes are made up of many camera lenses, but i think the level of detail in the model is getting lost.

I duplicated the fly and turned it 180 to show the details from the rear.

I think in the final image there will be several flying arround something, with one closer to camera to show off detail.

Sorry been so long, it can be hard looking after a 1yr old & get work done.

Here is latest update. Eyes are stand in as are legs. Have been working on a head, but its not quite rigth yet.

Once its all together I can look at materials and composition. I have an idea, but saving it for the final reveal.

Please comment, if you like.

Looking really good!

I admire your accurate modeling! You’ve made a wonderful model and it will be nice to see it textured.

Thanks for the comments.

Here is the progress to date. Been working hard on getting things done with the closing date looming.

Some parts are not modeled yet & some material tweaks are needed, but happy with how things are looking.

Added the background to give a better idea of the final image. As you can see, the lighting will need to change, that is just the studio lighting HDR I use to get materials done.

I rendered at 500% to get some of the detail to show up. Some of this will be lost in final render with DOF etc.

Please comment, let me know where I am going wrong, things to improve etc.

Well after days of work, the image is done, with only a few hours left.

Hope people like it.

Good luck to everyone who enters.

A wonderful image. Good luck to you also!