Blenderheads at SIGGRAPH 09 in New Orleans

Hello Folks.

I had the opportunity to be at SIGGRAPH this year and was very happy to meet Ton and a cool bunch of Blenderheads. I took photos during the Blender BOF sessions and also at the Blender Exhibit. Us Blenderheads also hung out quite a few times…

I would like to share these photos with the community… :yes:

Cheers from India,

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:

Well…isn’t Brecht Mr Serious…lol, good shots. It is always interesting to see (real)people who use Blender…very vibrant pics BTW.(compliment)

I’m in one of the pictures. Back of my head. I didn’t know you had a blender dinner.

Thank you Justin… :slight_smile:

Some of us happened to be at a bar and then got hungry and went for dinner… :smiley:

Yes, a secret dinner.

you can see part of me in pic 17 in the group talking with Colin Levy