Is Up!!!

Good afternoon to everyone!

I would like to announce that is up and running!

The goal of is to serve as a repository resource site for the Blender community. This site is made by Blender users for Blender users!

There are tutorials which have been collected from other Blender users online. We have placed them in our tutorials page for easy access for anyone who wants to learn (whether you are beginining in Blender or are an intermediate/advanced user).

We will have additional content (materials, textures, models, Python scripts, and etc.) available on the site.

There is a news section to keep you posted on all things related to Blender in the community!

Like any website, is constantly growing. Any Blender user can submit his/her tutorials, materials, textures and even Python scripts onto the site. There will be more content from the Blender community added as the site grows.

There is free registration to anyone on

Most importantly to anyone who wants to learn Blender, all content on is accessible by anyone without registering on the site!

Enjoy the site. BLEND ON!!!


Interesting. Good luck with it.

The tutorial “How to make a ball bounce convincingly” has a significant error as a result of translating from the wiki - the bouncing ball GIF graphic at the bottom of the tute doesn’t bounce - at all :slight_smile:

If you can’t get the wiki image intact for some reason, let me know and I’ll put the original up for you.

Also, could you please put “by AndyD” at the top of that tutorial as I authored it? Thanks in advance.

Feel free to grab my “Lip-sync with shape keys” tutorial from noob to pro if you like too. It’s been fairly popular. Again, I’d appreciate it if you credit me as the author.

I haven’t seen that “Edge loops for faces” tutorial before. It looks interesting except that it seems it may be missing a lot of images :confused: - or is it a work in progress?

Once again, good luck with it all.

oo ok, ill fix that right away, it didnt say who was author so i will add it now

for some erason that gif doesnt want to bounce from the wiki…


AndyD, ur lip sinking tutorail is awayting addition already, so ill just add ur name as the author,
you may not have seen a lot of the tutorials that will be added on saturday, 100+ total video and text

if you want to add something, you can do so from the right hand calumn

woooh! yeah, that site rox! w00t 0_0 me likies! (please don’t look at my sig.) :smiley:

Great resource site! When I finish writing my tutorial, I’ll add it to your repository.

That’s great Alden!

The more, the merrier! :smiley:

mostly im interested in the Model and texture and tutorials for animation / rendering… wait thats everything. Anyway i should be over there and will certainly send you my models.

thats everything for now, but we are curently workin in changing some behind the scenes buhgs that rose up outa nowhere

the new website upgrade will include member galieres, any one who wishes can have a gallery for themselfs, well at elast thats what we are aiming for

Finally, a central source for tutorials, models, and a material/texture library (which I hope will be kept up to date, unlike the library.) I hope it grows fast! Right now it’s pretty useless…

Lord of the Rings Junkie, will grow in time.

If you have stuff to upload over there, feel free to do so… :o

yea, its imposible for us (the staff of the site) to find all the content, i perosnaly have found over 100+ tutorials to be placed there

the website is going to be upkept by us as much as posible, but as i said, 4 people cant posibly give all content, others must contribute for it to happen

Since this website is build to be a repository and a resourse site to the communities we are asking for comments and suggestions about the site

tell us what we can do to make it better? maybe add on a feature?

does it mean you will DL and upload all tutorials to your side?
i always disliked it when i looked for material and than the
urls were dead.

You might want to consider proof reading some of your stuff grammar wise, i.e.

You’re properly thinking not another site?
Well we have design this site to help out the community(…)

And I’m not even native. :wink:

It was writen on a fast hand, grammer errors are common on many sites, i even seen some on the blender site

@Cekuhen, yes everything that is submited is STORED on our servers just for that reason, so there are no dead links, mising content and such

I thought I posted this ealier but apparently not :slight_smile: Here’s the animated gif for the bouncing ball:

First of all, congratulations on getting the concept off the ground. You’ve got a big task ahead of you. Lets pretend this is a focused critique thread (without the attachments):

The splash page should be about navigating the rest of the site. Take a look at
for an example of some successful sites. What do you see?
First, notice the large visual of something current. Eyecatching, isn’t it? Then, notice the links to content, or content areas. Those are pretty eyecatching, too.

Let’s look at the closest thing to a visual is the overly large link to BlenderNation. Which is rather redundant, since the “News” tab also links to BlenderNation. What is this, an alternate splash screen for BlenderNation? My point is: no pictures. WTF! Blender is all about images. We are visual artists, visual people. Confronted with a screen full of text.

And what is the text about? Pleas and promisses from the team. Sorry to sound harsh, but get over yourselves. People who put themselves on their own front pages start vanity blogs, not services. If you want to be in service to the community, you have got to look at everything you do from an outside viewpoint.

Onward. I use Firefox, which I think is a pretty popular browser among the I-hate-Microsoft crowd (a large part of your audience, btw) and have an extension which blocks java scripts, as part of my computer protection strategy. Can you see where this is going? Much of your site uses java script to work properly. I have the option to turn off the blocking, if I’m on a site I trust. So what do I see when I press the button to unblock

temporarily allow

I’m supposed to trust somebody who claims to be BlenderHeads when they are actually made2destroy? You’re raising all kinds of red flags here.

There are other sites, which you are aware of, which have tried to do what you are attempting. How do you plan to be different? What is the benefit to me of posting a tutorial at BlenderHeads, rather than on BlenderWiki? Or at BlenderArtists, for that matter, where I’ve already got one?

I’m not going to tell you how to do it. It’s your site. But you do need to do some serious thinking about these questions and come up with some good answers, or consign yourselves to struggling with it on your own for a good while, and ending up as another also ran.

Ok here is my two cents worth. Put someone in charge of proofreading. I do not mean to put you down vitaliy but from reading your post here you need proofreading for the text on your site. For example,“the website is going to be UPKEPT by us as much as POSIBLE”. When I come across things like this on the web I have to stop reading and check to see what the person meant to say. It just takes away from them getting thier point across.


thank you, ill update it


thanks for the feedback, we will reread your sugestions and may implement some during the next major website update
btw thats exactly the type of comments and suggestions that are needed for us to get this right

EDIT: im geting that domain fixed atm, thank you for pointing that out, there are several doamins being pointed to one server, and there are a few errors with one of them


well if some 1 vaulanteers to do it ill be glad to, im not very grat at grammer and nither the other 3 people

My first impression: Text size was way too small. I checked the source and your CSS file, and it looks like you set all your font sizes in pixels. I have to advise against this practice because you don’t know what resolution your visitors will be using when visiting your site. font-size: 10px; might look right on 800x600, but 1280x960, it is minuscule. Here are some references that might help you out in adjusting your CSS:

I would say that if you can implement it, em’s would be the best route. I’ll keep reading and let you know anything else I see. Good luck and thanks for the contribution!