Is Up!!!

hhm…well have to get that fixed as well… i personaly didnt code it, our website guy did… gota go ask him about this lol

The site looks nice. To tell the truth I was hoping something like this to sow up.
Some requests or improvements:

  1. Model , Texture , Materials must get an extra root like the Tutorial one.
    for example in Model as sub category furniture and in furniture bedroom. Something like what you can see in
    I konw that it is erly but this will help.

  2. I think there is a license called blender artist or something like that. It will be nice to make the models, textures and other things that will be donated automatically in this license so donators will not have to worry about the license issues.

Just some thoughts.

P.S. Qoogle cannot find the site.

the categories are already implemented into the next website update, which should be sometime during this week, due to user response we have completely remade the template for the website with the whole collor scheme

I like the layout and I feel this could become a big repository for everything Blender. Smart move trying to get every resource catagory that a Blender user may need.

there will be more categories as we think up of them… plus we may need to expand to an even bigger server if there is to much strain and bandwith usage on this 1

If you’re one of the happy Firefox users, you can press CTRL and the + key [or minus key if you want to shrink text].

Good to see your ambitions Blenderheads. Best wishes!

or if you allso have a mouse with a scroll you can use Ctrl + Scroll ^^

thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

The resources are localized in one site which is great. What would’ve been nice is that the tutorials could follow a specific layout/scheme to keep them consistent. Now I realize this is not possible with many of the tutorials that are already present in that form. What could be a nice idea is to provide a template that users can download in case they wish to submit an article/tutorial to the site. If you want to see what I mean, is a I used visit when I was interested in game programming.

Keep up the good work.

hmmm… an interasting suggestion… maybe that form can be integrated straight into the site or something simmilar to it

Yeah… If your site uses PHP or ASP or some form of scripting then it should be quite easy to setup a template for your layouts; question is whether people will follow the structure. So, if you can provide an inbuilt editor like this forum or some sort of page builder that allows only certain formatting controls it would make it extremely easy for someone to post an article.

something like that already exists it looks like the post function of the forum, with an upload feature for the images or w/e.

Thanks for doing this guys! It looks like it will become a super site!

found and added a few things


Anatomy of a walk
Animating Rhythm and Dance
Animating Reptiles and Snakes


Creating a vase in Blender
Realistic looking water

Human X-ray Effect
Creating a quite nice explosion in Blender
CGuy’s Array modifier tutorial

more to come today

Thanks for adding my credit but the bouncing ball image still doesn’t bounce :frowning:

yes ive notised that… it doesnt like our server i gues lol…

Hmmm, somewhere in the conversion/upload it’s apparently losing its extra frames.

wow :D:D:D:D very cool oh and my old Camera changer tutorial is on the tutorial section!!! WOW im proud :smiley:

yes lasphere i think there are 2 or three tutorails by you on the site
rememebr most peoples names that write for authors lol

I checked on this site again. I love the new layout you have created. It doesn’t feel busy and looks organized.

A couple of things if I may:

  1. Put a search option that might allow people to do a search on the content using simple criteria like name, author, etc.
  2. I noticed that when I clicked on tutorials, there were 2 entries for “Text Based” tutorials and the second one had had “No tutorials in this sections” listed under each sub-category.