Blenderheads from Greece.

Hi there
Just wanted to ask if there are any fellow Blenderheads from Greece.
I’ve recently uploaded my website and setup a small office
at Athens (Vyronas). To be 100% honest my main tool is Cinema4D (but I’ve
discovered Blender some time ago and I’m hooked!). I would like to find you
guys cause I plan to put Blender into my workflow. (I’ve completed a Blender
clip myself: but help is always
welcome :yes:)
We could just drink an ice cold frappe and talk Blender (or begin working on
an interesting Blender project why not?). I would also really like to see samples
of your work (if any).

Thank you! Efharisto!
gr8effect AT hotmail DOT com

Cor Blenderheads in Greece - I wonder how many!

HI Dimitris!
A very old page of mine:
I don’t have much time for 3D now but i’m using Blender starting from ver 2.04. I remember that i had to decide if i wanted to start learning C4D from a copy (you know what i mean) or Blender. It was hard to decide but Blender community made the difference and i learned alot. I never did something with the game engine though! Maybe i can help or maybe not. I’m glad that blender wins more Greek users.


Nice models Stamati! Thanx for your reply. Choosing Blender over a C4D ‘copy’ is a wise choice! I’ll contact you if anything interesting shows up.