Blenderheads on Twitter, leave your Twitter handle.

Title is self explanatory, leave your twitter handle for other blenderheads to follow!


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my handle is fablefox @fablefox

@mattheimlich, always good to have more Blender followers!

@lightbwk << seldom on though


New account for Blender stuff


Its my personal/general-purpose account, so i’ll occasionally tweet about other stuff too. (it’s mostly CG and esports. Maybe sometimes food)






@ktysdal ( not just for blender stuff)

@KyleHorseman has occasional Blender stuff. Will have a lot of Blender stuff soon.

@MeshWeaver for me - I don’t post as much Blender stuff these days, mostly a mix of anime/tech/gaming/Linux/etc, but I’ll “get back into it” soon enough :slight_smile:

@BlenderDiplom :slight_smile:

@dingto Blender development news and more.

will give all of you a follow

im @shahcreative


@3pointedit don’t forget the hash tag! #b3d

EDIT: Also, not just Blender stuff. TV stuff too.

Blender & other stuff as well :wink: