BlenderKit FREE VS FULL **meme**


I happen to take a look at the blenderkit collection a couple days ago. To be frank some of those models is just complete trash and pollute the search result.

Like this overly bumpy plasticity earth.

This earth with an overly diffused ocean.

If you compare them to an actual space shot of the earth you’d notice the surface displacement is non-existent in this scale and that the cloud is actually reflective.
Earth at extreme angle

Reflective cloud

This wood bucket that looks like cheap vinyl floor. 61MB

This rock with 33MB textures that still looks ass

Smooth lemon?

Even free I wouldn’t use them. Would require a lot of workaround and clean up. Not saying there isn’t great assets but their QC is questionable and seems to accept anything people submit

The materials and hdri selection look a lot more decent and actually useful, courtesy of polyhaven.

Ahaha, just found this:) love it,

but to clarify some misconceptions - the file sizes are usually much smaller than you state, the size mentioned in descriptions is for the original file before scaling down for resolutions. Just try to drag drop the models to see real file size during download.

If you don’t like some models, just use the rating system from the addon. The search results reflect the ratings, so everyone in the community can help to improve the situation. Adding more rating will help not to have bricks between the best models! :wink:

It’s up to the creators if they upload to full/free, and I believe that the free section, which is now about 6700 assets, is a great gift from their authors to the blender community :wink:

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…or start adding some bad ass models yourself that keep up with your standards, how about that? How much did you contribute so far?

Look at it from a ‘glass halffull’ kinda perspective and be suprised about the quality of some really good freebies.


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