BlenderKit released (Add-on & Online Database for Blender)


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When is the intoductory price good till? Tomorrow or the 1st of february? Thanks


i got a year subscription because i loved how convenient the Add-on is, but i have a couple of questions if you don’t mind me asking

Is there a reason why you can’t browse the selection on the site before buying? To gage the selection size and quality. also it would be nice to have a recently added tab, to see new stuff that got added while you’re away.

some minor annoyances I’ve noticed are the thumbnails, some thumbnail renders have heavy denoising applied, which makes them look muddy and cheap.

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it’s February, we write the dates the European way, first day, then month…/


Thanks for subscribing and for your feedback!

To your questions -

First, we think everyone can browse before buying, since the addon and big part of the database is free and we considered it from the beginning also as a good gallery for the paid part. We are really thinking hard how to represent it on the website, but we actually want people to see it inside the addon and not keep them on the website too much…

If you don’t mind I want to ask you (and everyone else wanting to give us feedback) some questions since it can enable us really to improve the site and hopefully make the right decision:

  • Was it clear to you at first sight that we are offering a lot of free content besides the subscriptions?
  • Is there something that confused you at first on our website?
  • Is it clear that everybody can upload assets anytime from the addon?

Regarding thumbnails, thanks for noting this. The uploaders can set sampling and denoising options in the thumbnailer, but I think I will just raise default number of samples inside the addon, since the default behaviour is alwasy what people stick to most of the time.

  • Was it clear to you at first sight that we are offering a lot of free content besides the subscriptions

No, although it’s mentioned in the site text description, i didn’t notice it, maybe you could add a list of numbers like this

200 paid models
12 free models

because people’s eyes are generally attracted to stats/numbers/graphs,
Although it might ruin the site beautiful minimalistic look, so i don’t know.

  • Is there something that confused you at first on our website?


  • Is it clear that everybody can upload assets anytime from the addon?


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Thanks! this info will help us.

We are just redoing some parts of the website, so any input is really good at this stage…

(Botoni) #67
Was it clear to you at first sight that we are offering a lot of free content besides the subscriptions?
Is there something that confused you at first on our website?
Is it clear that everybody can upload assets anytime from the addon?

Maybe I would put in a big font “brushes - materials - models” and a “free” tag on brushes and materials and a “subscribe!” tag on models. Also, people would love to click on the category title and go to a gallery with all, or at least some examples. This way everything is understood really fast and visually, people are too lazy to read XD

As ARC9 says it would be nice to put some stats about the database size, number of downloads…

I don’t think there’s anything confusing, maybe making clear that even being not subscribed models uploaded by the user can be freely downloaded by himself anytime.

Now I just want to have the time to upload more models >. <

(GOD) #68

wow this is so epic!! now that makes my workflow simple and easy, thanks!

(Botoni) #69

Also, it would be extra awesome to be able to use the addon to browse a local library, in other words, to be able to use it as an asset manager ¿Maybe as a bonus to the suscribers :wink: ?

(BlenderKit) #70

Hi Botoni,
I definitely want to do this for the free part of the database. Not with search( we use a search engine that runs on the server only…) but at least directories as categories. Also, this should ideally work for own assets.

But for subscription based assets - there’s our need to protect our creators(you :wink: ). Since for each use, creators get relatively small amounts of cash, but the point of the whole system is that the assets are counted always when dragged into a new scene. This way somebody who likes your asset and uses it repeatedly actually sends you these little amounts of cash back again, not only once, so the income can be comparable or better as on classical marketplaces(when we grow a bit yet :slight_smile: ).

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Creating some more models here :slight_smile:

I’m going for the pure PBR goal, and my model has a light in it and since the principled shander doesn’t have an emission input, what would be the correct approach? An emission shader? An area lamp?

(BlenderKit) #72

Hi, great to hear !
We can accept also models with lamps and emission shader as pure PBR.
If you need a visible emitter - For performance reasons, I usually make light sources as an emissive shader with relatively low value (like 1) . If you use only emissive shader , it’s good to either not mix it or mix it only with principled shader. Including lamps is also OK.

(BlenderKit) #73

we just released an updated version today, both for 2.79 and 2.8.
the 2.8 version is now becoming far more advanced compared to the 2.79 version allready!
it’s got lots of bug fixes mainly, but also:

  • drag - drop a material picks material slot automatically, and does automapping on it
  • Bring to scene works properly, which is a great tool if you want to customize objects
  • you can now search for items also when you aren’t registered. For downloading the materials, you still have to register. ( we are considering to remove this limit too)
  • Uploading happens directly to the storage, so upload of more items at once is more ‘fluent’

Also, there are plenty of new materials in the database - for example bamboo/wicker/rattan set of materials. And the models database is now over 360 models!

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Hi, we uploaded about 20 wallpapers!
just a small test showcasing our creators models.

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Just want to let everyone know, there are still few days before we increase the price - it will be 5$ a month for annual subscription, so still very affordable, introductory price until now was 2.5$ a month.

(BlenderKit) #76

Hi, today is the last day of the introductory price .
Did you see the plants that are now in the database by Iwo Pilc?
You can access them together with 400+ more models in the database.

(0o00o0oo) #77

Hey, this is really cool. I really like the convenience the add-on provides. I plan to get a license tonight.

One question: Will all content be accessible for free download and use with the Standard license? Or will there be items that you have to pay additional to the monthly subscription to download and use?

(BlenderKit) #78

Hi, we don’t plan to separate any content by now. The pro accounts should really be special with private storage and extra support. Our plan is that creators who create extra quality models are rewarded by the number of uses together with scoring system. This so far works well - better and complex models are rewarded better for the creators.

(0o00o0oo) #79

Great, thanks for the reply! Is the introductory price for the Standard, or for the Pro?

(BlenderKit) #80

Hi, by now, we won’t offer the Pro subscription since today, we’ll reduce just to standard for simplicity, and promote what the pro account offers when the features are more ready.

(0o00o0oo) #81

Awesome, bought one for myself and studio. Looking forward to the library growing!

BTW, thanks for creating this add-on. I literally posted about wanting something like this in Blender back in June 2018. While it’s not part of the official build of Blender, it’s great to see a team from the community tackling this very desire, even with a rating system for models!

Are you collecting any feature/content suggestions?