BlenderKit updates in Blender 2.81

New Features in Blender 2.81

We added the right-click menu for assets in Asset Bar which shortens access to old and new features like

  • Search assets by author - was only shortcut before
  • Open author’s website - was only shortcut before
  • Search similar
  • Replace model - replaces the active model in your scene
  • Delete asset - delete your own uploads

You can set thumbnail size in preferences, so no more suffering with tiny thumbnails on 4K monitors.

Add-on now works correctly also when Asset Bar is off. This means your downloads will append to the scene anytime. For this a larger part of the code had to be reworked.

Many bugs have been fixed.

We are cooking more advanced features that we didn’t manage to squeeze into this release, so stay tuned for more cool stuff directly in the add-on.

Do you like the new features in the add-on? Speed up development of BlenderKit, support your favorite artists and get unlimited access to over 2,400 assets.

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Great ! Amazing stuff can’t say more.

It’s great to see such asset management/database addon with some user/creator interaction! Good luck with it!

Some feedback:

  1. PDF version of the docs could be useful. (Or Google docs for ‘live’ updates maybe?)

  2. Visualising ‘Fair Share’ system could be nice. Reading all those plain texts hurt my eyes :upside_down_face:

  3. I’m not sure what this path for and you didn’t cover it in video tutorial.

  4. I normally use ‘Region Overlap’ feature but thumbnails go ‘underneath’ of the toolbar when it’s active.

  5. When you hover over a thumbnail it should tell us size of the file.

Hi Filibis,
thanks for feedback.

I’ll try to answer all your remarks:

  1. PDF can be definitely created, do you want it maybe because the text is too small?
  2. We have created an animation to visualize and explain the Fair Share system, however, we need to improve it still. I have myself already some experience explaining this to people and I can confirm, it takes time. It is simple math in the end and we believe it is great , but it’s new and not conventional way of thinking about providing 3d models. I will try to find time in the following days to come back to the animation.
  3. Project asset subdirectory
  • When BlenderKit add-on downloads a file on your hard drive, it saves the file first in your ‘global’ directory.

  • If your file is allready saved somewhere else (which should be before you start dragging objects to the scene) then a subdirectory is created and all assets are copied to this directory. This enables you to zip this directory with .blend file, and send it to a renderfarm, or to another computer.

  1. What an embarrasing bug :slight_smile: Although thanks to testing we fixed allready many different bugs, nobody of our friends who tested before the release obviously uses this feature - wil be fixed asap.
  2. This is on our Todo List. By now, file size is limited by 500 MB, but I understand on metered connections this info should be there before you download.
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Mostly for offline reading. Launching lots of tabs is not convenient for a manual in my opinion. You could emulate Blender’s manual style for example.
Also I think font’s bold and normal type looks almost identical which is not good for such docs (Emphasize or captions are not being noticed easily).

Hi everyone, just a little report.
While not having any ads or public posts besides this forum at all by now, we are growing quite fast, now at about 200 users in 4 days.
Currently , we are encountering a mysterious error with uploads that happens to some of the uploaders we have.
Since we don’t know what happens(we tested uploads quite a lot, there are 500 items in the database!) , I’d like to ask anybody here who’s up to uploading and able to send us console output , it would help a lot.
also, here is a WIP updated version of the addon (we are improving it every day in little steps)

I think I finally fixed the bug… finally. It occured on some installations of blender.

Hey , i just tried you add on and its really awesome !

i just wish you guys good luck , the concept is really awesome , you guys just need a lot of publicity , a way to get in touch with blender users, dont hesitate to pay big blender youtubers to advertise your add on ! it could easely become a blast this way

could we also have an info that tells you how many GB do the asset/texture take ? its quite important for a lot of users that focus on optimisation, i just saw an object with 250mb… that quite large for a single object , it could be cool if users like me could check thoses kind of infos before downloading


Thanks! It’s really heart-warming to read such comments after doing so much work :slight_smile:
Regarding filesizes, putting it a bit up again on our ToDo list( a really long one). Indeed this will be usefull especially for realtime. We are of course also planning to generate different resolutions, and possibly lods, we aren’t just there yet :slight_smile:

not to ‘bump’ the thread artificially, i edit and post here a link to fresh update with fixes from bugreports. (with growing number of users we get just tons of bugreorts we didn’t get before…):

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I’ve looked over the addon a bit and uploaded an asset to test it out. It does work well so far.

I’m just wondering a bit how the license works for “creators”. If we upload an asset to your database do you get the full ownership of the asset?
Can we (for example) upload assets that have previously been sold on other markets such as Turbosquid?

Also I don’t see why “Work Hours” matter at all. Some people work faster than others. It’s the end quality that should matter, not how many hours you’ve spent on something.

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Hi NinthJake,
Thanks for testing and uploading your asset.
to answer you as clearly as I can(I understand those terms and conditions can be long to read):

The license is in human language like this: Creators own their assets. You can sell or give your assets on as many sites as you like. You can withdraw your assets whenever you want to. We have no exclusivity limits or ‘fees’. We just hope to support creators in a new way. More about the licensing is on the site, we will probably need to cover some corner cases still.

I totally understand your concern regarding ‘Work Hours’. We thought hard about how to do the rating system so that it’s fair, and went through many variations before the release. Of course, everybody works different. What takes a week to a beginner, can sometimes be finished in an hour by an experienced creator(and usually with higher quality…). Our algorithm actually relativizes everybody’s hour ratings. So, if somebody is a beginner, he is more likely to rate higher, but on all assets. So all his ratings will be offset. Same for pros. This is why the system has internally a ‘ratio’ for everyones ratings. In the end, from this calculation, better and more complex assets get better score. We chose work hours because it’s something most people can imagine, even if their numbers will be different. The final asset score is also a relative value, used to calculate the money that goes to the creator.

Also, we are now in ‘free’ release stage, so it will all start working with credits when we switch on subscriptions. I believe that creators who aren’t sure if to upload more objects into the database can just try to uplaod a few and see how it works for them.

If you have more questions, I’m here for you :wink:

Thank you for clarifying.
I’m definitely going to crank out some assets for BlenderKit now. I hope it will grow big :slight_smile:

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Wow, this is great. Just signed up an will dive in deeper in the next days.

I got some questions:

  1. I signed up for the free plan so far - will I still be able to see the assets from the other plans?
  2. Is there a limit to what I can download?
  3. What does TBA mean?

Hi Achatos:

  1. After we start running subscriptions, brushes and materials will be just the same as now. You’ll be able to search models , but not download them. Downloaded models will stay in your scenes.
  2. There is now no limit, and we don’t plan it for now.
  3. This means To Be Announced :slight_smile:


  • Thanks :wink: With people like you it will !

Another question after having uploaded a few more assets. How do I make my name show up as the author of my assets? Currently it is showing up as blank.

Also the license says that my assets are royalty free. What does that mean for me as a creator?

please add full catalog preview on the site, too, not only on the program.

Hi Ninthjake,
Further explanation:

  • author name is in the system, we just dropped it from the registration and moved it to billing info, which will be shown with billing info when the subscriptions start. We will probably separate yet author info so users can chooste to either show full name or nickname or company name. Sorry for this, it will be there in a few days. By now, I can fill name manually if you send me email. I am sending confirmation mails to all creators when we validate new assets, hope you got those to your email.

  • the license basically means people can use the assets they downloaded from the database in the scenes in which they have those allready. more is explained in the terms and conditions (sorry, quite a long read by now), and also in the fair share system description.

ouraf: It’s work in progress, we will probably add search to the website or at least more previews. We however focus mainly on building everything inside blender, for maximal users convenience.

Really great add-on and concept but, why are we only able to see 15 assets in the assetbar ?

ditto on @ouraf, the site doesn’t show very much. I didn’t installed at once because I didn’t know if it would suit me or not…

Hi Athanyse, that’s because we limited paging for the release, in the next version(hopefully soon) there will be possible to see all search resuts. Since the database is still not so large, we didn’t expect this to be an issue - in objects, there are subcategories, which are shown exactly when the category has more than 15 items allready, so most things should be reachable also now.

kabu: I understand you might want to see more. we are planning to include search on the web, but since installing the addon takes about 2 minutes max, we didn’t expect anybody to see it as a barrier, and there you can actually see all assets directly in blender. Not like on most webs where you see thumbnails. The point is, that if you aren’t limited in download, blender becomes the best engine for previewing the models you need to get, even if the thumbnails give the best possible information.

some stats about the current state of the database:
246 models
149 materials
94 brushes