BlenderLand: a tutorial series - Ep3 OUT!

Hey all, thought that you guys might want to see this before i have the entire design stage finished, but here is my series (think as in tv series, but on the internet with text) about making a professional-quality networked multiplayer FPS game. (ep3 - current)

note that I’m designing it for people who have not touched the game engine or even blender before, so for those who have some will be redundant. however, i hope to make it into a valuable resource for all skill levels.

don’t forget, i put a new tutorial every thursday or so, so check back weekly!

Sweet, man! I hope you follow through with this!

I REALLY need help with network programming, so this should help a lot!

I sure will, once a week is way easy, and I’ve wanted to make a game like that for forever anyway. so I’m just taking the best of both.

I wish someone would do a python node based AI tutorial but I will keep my eye on this.

sorry, not going to be able to do AI in this project, but i plan to do another project that simply adds a story to this one. that’s not for sure though, i’ll think about it some time in the distant future (when i’m done with this series - gonna be a while)

Episode two is OUT! Read it at

I’ll keep bumping this thread for a few weeks each time I put a new episode out, but here is the plan for the next few weeks:

july 1st: finish pre-design stage
july 8th: begin mapping drawings, start on drawing for first map
july 15th: finish drawing first map or start modeling first map, depending on how complex i make it

And Episode 3 is out! read it at