BlenderLipSynchro and PyDrivers: does the dream come true?


First, one thing: congratulation for PyDrivers. I can’t imagine a so simple way to make lipsynchronisation few hours ago.

I don’t know if you remember my last post for BlenderLipSynchro. I was “blocked” by a concurence between driven shape and my script. Yesterday, i have no solution to solve this issue.

But, today, i thing the use of PyDriver could be the solution.

When you animate, you use driven shape to build the animation of the face. But for lipsynchronisation, you need to use ipo curve (with blenderlipsynchro). And this two way are not compatible.

Now, i thing we you use functions to control PyDriver. These functions could analyse and solve this concurence.

It’s just an idea now but i thing it’s a cool way.

What do you thing?

Hope my post was not too confuse, but i was very sad because of this lock, and very excited now to see a way to solve it!