blenderman 0.1 beta 7.0

(Green) #1

new stuff:
texture support
rendering of shadow mapps for spotlights

texture support is crappy in bmrt becouse of the way the mesh data gets exported. il try and fix that within a week. (if anyone else manages to fix it please let me know)

(hannibar) #2

yeeehaaaa! Another version to try out

(system) #3

Jippy! A new version to play with…going to test it now…


(Pablosbrain) #4

Havn’t had time to work with this one yet… But I wanted to say thanks to you Green! You’ve put a lot of work into this. I’m very happy that it continues. Its a great help to the community! I hope to hear soon that Blender will live on… and just a note to those making the life and death decisions on blender… On… I just checked the logs… There have been close to 18,000 blender related downloads. Nearing 8000 downloads of Blender 2.23 creator alone… I hope this is proof enough for any company looking to buy Blender or being offered Blender that it is definitely a valuable program! With a great future! (one way or another).

Thanks Green. And thanks to all those developing and using Blender.

Paul (