BlenderMan 0.1 Beta 9c

–Added support for Fog (Pixie)
– added to source for softshadows in Blender (Pixie)
–No longer need object window for exporting lamps, will convert from blender itselfs (pixie)
–Broke GI Shader Use [Meaning its not working] (pixie only)

Newest 1/28/05:

-Blender 2.33 or higher
-python 2.3
-a Renderman renderer

Pixie Export Specific Limitations:
-Supports 3 lights
–Point aka “Lamp” (raytrace, or no shadow)
–SpotLight(raytrace or shadowmap)
–Directional Light aka “Sun”
–Soft Distant/Point Shadow (controlled by lamp name/spotlight)
–To use BMS you must compile the .sl in the BlenderMan folder
– BMS, all textures must be converted to .tif before rendering [pixie]
-Global Illumination:
–Currently broken

What’s next?:
-Fix GI
-Add support for more light features
-Add nurbs support

After That?:
-Add other vaules to “Custom Shader”

Examples of Aqsis features not enabled currently in BlenderMan
How to get rid of eyesplit errors in Aqsis (I hate warnings!)

I claim not credit other then the pixie extension and translation to new blender api the rest of the code belong to its owners

Sounds intresting, you made the blenderman renderer? anyways, I’m going to test it at home, right now I’m at work. :-?

No, Christoffer Green and Goran Kocov are the original creators of BlenderMan and all of its tool. I just added support for pixie.

Bandwidth limit exeeded. :frowning:

Updated to have a mirror site…

Any way you culd work on better 3Delight export as well?

It’s great to see this exporter being worked on again!

All the best with it.

By better you mean? Any specifics, ill be happy to help make it work better just a little busy adding/fixing the pixie export, so specifics would help.

Oh yeah I’ve heard rumors about 3Delight going commercial soon… (dec maybe)

any idea when this will be available for 2.34? it complains about wrong api.
sorry I messed the 2 threads… but anyways…?
well jfyi… I just remembered that page: so get you 2.33

Sutabi’s script works fine for me (Mandrake 9.2, Blender 2.34, Python 2.3) and AFAIK, there shouldn’t be any problems with Blender 2.34 in any other possible combination.


Since Aqsis is already getting intergrated in blender I figured I’d just work on pixie to learn more about it. Then when the intergration is complete/working I can go add pixie to that. Till then I plan to add to BlenderMan but more towards Pixie

excellent idea! i keep a sharp eye on it :o).

thank you Sutabi

I love pixie help it get attention and create for it/submit it though their forums!

Btw anyone with Shader Language experience, and now how to make a file plz make one, currently the ones in pixie are broke and builtin area lights are disabled.

Is it possible to use standard’s that come with other renderers? BMRT has one, and this one is of RenderDotC I think:
Compile those and see if they work.


 * - light source shader appropriate for an area light source.
 *   Makes light with cosine falloff from the normal of the light source
 *   surface.  This is perfect for using with area light sources.
 *   intensity, lightcolor - same meanings as pointlight
 * The Blue Moon Rendering Tools (BMRT) are:
 * (c) Copyright 1990-2000 Exluna, Inc. and Larry Gritz. All rights reserved.

arealight (float intensity = 1;
	   color lightcolor = 1;)
#ifdef BMRT
    illuminate (P, N, 1.5707963 /* PI/2 */) {
	Cl = (intensity / (L.L)) * lightcolor;
    /* This is so if we use one of these lights in other renderers, it will
     * approximately work for a flat light source whose normal points
     * toward local +z.
    vector Nl = normalize (vector "shader" (0,0,1));
    illuminate (point "shader" (0,0,0), Nl, PI/2) {
	Cl = (intensity  * (Nl.normalize(L) / (L.L)) * lightcolor);

The shader compiled fine, its just when used in the rib file it renders a black image…ill go bug pixie users on that though thanks!

I got softshadows ^_^, it will be using the area light lamp in Blender for its settings I just need the “from” and “to”. It requires adding the shader in the pixie shader folder but I am sure anyone can do that. Ill also be tring to add the “only shadow” property in the softshadow shader.

I added softshadow support for pixie[include in shader source folder], please compile the shader and place in the Pixie shader folder.

Adding Soft shadows Pixie.

-Enabled by Spot button
-Lamp name MUST include distant or point
-Must be on Buf.Shadow
-Samples: quality [note: 1 is fine:64 samples, 4 is better:256 samples, 16:too many samples ^_-]
-Soft: How soft do you want it, Note: if soft is set too 100 turns into hemisphere light(Dome shadows)

Adding Fog in Pixie:
-Pixie’s fog only supports 2 options, color and distance
-HoR RGB: color of fog
-Di: distance of fog from camera
*Note: Pixie doesn’t support Imager, which means there is no background color and the fog ONLY effects the Objects, no background

with better i would say:

nurbs support, and of course particle suport.

this is what was missing for me when we concidered blender
as a modeling tool and 3delight as a render engine.


There are currently no access to nurb data in blender python api. As for particles hm… theres not much support on that either, i’d have to write one that uses the same varibles as blender… seems like a lotta work.


I worked on the renderman exporter for Pixie, using Blenderman too… but it was long time ago (in a far far country :wink: ). I propose to help you in your work, so if you want, we could share our projects :smiley: ?


anyone had this one worked under latest tuhopuu and python 2.4?


I am using the script, but I am having some problems. For one, I am use OS X, I was wondering if the totiff module code is avaliable so that I may try to compile if for OS X.

Second, is when I use the renderer through the script, renderdl and shaderdl and tdlmake do not work. Is there a way to fix this?

Renderdl is 3Delight, right? I think you have to register that before you can use it. The command line says this: “3DL INFO: Please complete the ‘rendermn.ini’ file. See licensing docs.”


@plec: Why would you use Python 2.4? Only 2.3x works with Blender.