Blenderman + 3delight

(a_llewellyn) #1

I have been trying out the python script (blenderman 0.1beta7.2) for blender ( running it on blender 2.23 with python2.2 ) and have encountered problems running it with 3Delight ( brmt runs fine ). I am sure I have set up the environmental paths correctly.

The error messages i get are:

file … line 604, in bevent,
…line 2119, in export
…line 2065, in writeframe
…line 1261 in rendershadows
…line 1659 in create objects

I0 ERROR : [ERROR2] no such file or directory: 'c:\\blenderman\default\meshes\sphere.rib

I would rather run 3delight because it is much much faster, and would appreciate any suggestions to run it with this otherwise cool script.

(soletread) #2

I have found a few errors in the blenderman script. They havent been difficult to fix. But this one looks like a configuration error to me. When you do an export all meshes are written to individual files. Now these files are placed in the folder you see in the error message.

Now it is important to know that when you start up blender, the directory you start it from, or rather the drive letter is the same place that blenderman will create the “Blenderman” folder. If you start blender by clicking .blend files for instance, it is likeley that these can be on separate drive letters as the short cut icon to blender for instance.

Blenderman gets confused and writes “blenderman” directories on these drives so you could have more than one “blenderman” folder.

(I am using windows BTW)

But the script has a C:\ hardcoded in the final root .bin file called “default.rib” if you havent chaged that in the GUI.

The best way to overcome these problems is to always start blender from the C: drive. A short cut will do fine if your blender is on a different drive

Hope this helps/.

You may come accross a message that says something like “cant use evar before it has been declared” something like that. Let me know.

I had to overcome this problem to make Blenderman work.