Blenderman and Armatures

I really want to use BMRT for my character animations, but when i to render an animation of a rigged character, it just render the same frame (Frame 1) during the whole duration. E.G., I have a 65 frame animation, it renders 65 frames of FRAME 1 !!! But, if I render a still, it works just fine. Don’t tell me to just render one frame at a time because that’s not very effecient :smiley: . Anybody had this problem and solved it?


Need more info… What versions… Blender, BlenderMan, BMRT, Python… all that… any info you can provide can help.

Win 2K

Blender 2.23

Python 2.1

BMRT 2.6

Blenderman 0.1 Beta 5

are there any new releases of Blenderman?

I know there is a newer version of BlenderMan… 0.1Beta6.1 I think… But I believe even in beta5 it supported armature deformed meshes. Better UV mapping and texture export is what I’m looking forward too.

Yeah, I was able to find a link to the newest Blendeman script and it works fine now!!! Sure it still has limitations, but I commend Green for the job well done. Keep it Up!!!