Blenderman and Armatures

(Isopod) #1

I really want to use BMRT for my character animations, but when i to render an animation of a rigged character, it just render the same frame (Frame 1) during the whole duration. E.G., I have a 65 frame animation, it renders 65 frames of FRAME 1 !!! But, if I render a still, it works just fine. Don’t tell me to just render one frame at a time because that’s not very effecient :smiley: . Anybody had this problem and solved it?


(Pablosbrain) #2

Need more info… What versions… Blender, BlenderMan, BMRT, Python… all that… any info you can provide can help.

(Isopod) #3

Win 2K

Blender 2.23

Python 2.1

BMRT 2.6

Blenderman 0.1 Beta 5

are there any new releases of Blenderman?

(Pablosbrain) #4

I know there is a newer version of BlenderMan… 0.1Beta6.1 I think… But I believe even in beta5 it supported armature deformed meshes. Better UV mapping and texture export is what I’m looking forward too.

(Isopod) #5

Yeah, I was able to find a link to the newest Blendeman script and it works fine now!!! Sure it still has limitations, but I commend Green for the job well done. Keep it Up!!!