Blenderman and scripts

(sten) #1

Hi, I wonder where to get the latest Blendermanscript and what version it is…

and another question, if BMRT can use SubSurf ??


(Eric) #2

I believe the latest version is 0.1 beta 6.1.

here’s green’s post:

and yes, it supports subsurfs.

(sten) #3

ok I think I have still have that version…

is there any site that goes through Blenderman/BMRT
very deeply ? I wanna create Caustics for my glass
to my Hourglass…and for that matter…all other stuff
that can be created via Blenderman/BMRT , any suggestions ?


(sten) #4

anybody that knows if BMRT only sees one light at all ??

(Eric) #5

yes, I know. :smiley:

(sten) #6

and ?? it onlye sees one light ??

(Eric) #7

and ?? it onlye sees one light ??

hell no! :smiley: …try restarting the script if it doesn’t.

(sten) #8

okey…but it seems as if Blender/Blenderman/BMRT in combination
crash when assigning new materials inside Blenderman, and bad integer
numbers and all sort of bad things…sometimes it makes me tired
of all that shit…why does it crash, and when I restart the script
it seems as if it still in memory and not cleared…

and I have tried to use more than one light even after restart
and it won’t show up…there seems be lots of bugs or bad stuff
in all this…

an example…I make a model as it was thick solid glass maybe
whiskey glass, and have only one light and no world (black backgroud),
and render with reflection/refraction and transmitt/recive and all stuff,
and then I want world added with blue sky…and when I re-render it
the blue sky/world shows up everywhere except behind the glass
where it is still as if the background is black…and even if I make a new
glass-material for BMRT in Blenderman, it still won’t show behind
the glass…

for me it all seems very strange…bugs or very poor/bad documented
things…as even if I try lots of things…it won’t work…not even when
restart the script it won’t handle more than one light…not when there is
a light for reflection/refraction…

can anyone tell me what the heck is wrong here ??

well, here is some testrendering:


(Eric) #9

I know it crashes alot, but It’s still a BETA isn’t it?

To keep it from crashes, unassign the object that are parented to the material before editing it again. That keeps me from getting these irritating crashes.

(sten) #10

yes you’re right 8)

okey, you mean clicking on the “x”-box in the shaders menu or ??


(Eric) #11

okey, you mean clicking on the “x”-box in the shaders menu or ??

nope, just deselect “Use Shader” in the object editor. All objects assigned to the shader must be unassigned.