Blenderman bug?

(Nhytro) #1

Hi! can anyone tell me why the Blenderman Script does not work?

// error from the DOS console

Exporting Frame: 1
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “blenderman0.1beta7.3.”, line 623, in bevent
File “blenderman0.1beta7.3.”, line 2212, in export
File “blenderman0.1beta7.3.”, line 2195, in writeFrame
File “blenderman0.1beta7.3.”, line 1728, in createObjects
File “blenderman0.1beta7.3.”, line 1637, in writeShader
NameError: There is no variable named ‘entropyvar’


I could just comment it out, but I want to make sure that I´m not doing anything wrong. I´m running Blender 2.23 on Win2k and Python 2.0. Other Scripts work well.




(Little_Cube) #2

It’s a small bug. When you use an object as an arealight, it must have a material attached (have in mind that Emit controls the intensity of the arealight). I haven’t done any tests with arealights (I mostly use 3Delight), so if you encounter any other bugs or problems feel free to report them here.


(scorpius) #3

This may or may not be a problem with the script itself. My guess is it is with BMRT.

When using MC irradiance with BMRT 2.6, the rendering usually stops at around 85% of the way through. It seems to be related to PixelSamples, but not always. For the same RIB:

Format 480 480 1 and PixelSamples 1 1 completes
Format 480 480 1 and PixelSamples 2 2 halts at 85%
Format 900 900 1 and PixelSamples 2 2 completes

None of this happens with FE radiosity. Is anyone else having the same problem? Any ideas of what is causing it?