/ Pdf Magazine & printed magazine.

“The Articles Admin, Michael Cuffe, has done a great job with the articles on the website. He has recently assembled a new PDF with articles.”

As some of you know, Blenderman site is being transferred to the new server.
As soon as Andrew Kator and I have finished the few details , The PDF mag will be online (very shortly).

we are currently working also on the development of a Blender Printed Magazine.
We are also working on new services for the blender community.
“you have been satisfied by
we will not change a tool that people like working with, we can only try to improve the services”.

For it all to be a success, we count on your help, energy & willing spirit that you have proved all these past years supporting “Blender”

We will need your feedback
“Thanks to all for spreading the news.”

Thank you Andrew :smiley:

-Patrick- will be hosted by