Blenderman Question

I get the following error when I try and export UV/PointsPolygon with the mesh in the images below.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 532, in bevent
File “”, line 1956, in export
File “”, line 1942, in writeFrame
File “”, line 1550, in createObjects
File “”, line 927, in saveShader
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/BlenderMan//SurfaceShaders/ADD NEW’

I am using blender 2.23 creator, python 2.0.1, ImageMagick. I believe I followed all the directions in the text file correctly. If someone has some suggestions or answers please help.
I seem to remember a comment back in time that the uv export only worked on simple objects. Well… I don’t know if this is still true. Anyone with some info please.

It would help if I could see the script you ran that caused the error.

But… you said “simple objects” … maybe, if subsurfs is on (it looks it), select the object and press Alt+C (convert) and a menu will popup: Convert SubSurfs to Mesh. Click it, and delete the original, and you will have a simple mesh, without subsurfs, that looks exactly the same as it was, but with each point of the subsurf now a vertice in the mesh. Don’t save this converted mesh over your latest version unless you’re sure you won’t be making any more changes to the model.