we are under current backing up and cleaning up
we appologise for the inconvenience/

check this URL/

Hey man, u with Blenderman? I tried to get an account last night. I filled out the registration form and submited it. I then checked my email and clicked on the link to comfirm my accout. It said I had to log in. So I clicked on the link, typed in my username and pass, the security number and clicked the login button. It didn’t recognize my user name. I tried again and still the same. So I emailed support but got a mail delivery failure saying that there is no such email. Now I can’t even get into blenderman at all. I must admit I am a little frustrated with this whole thing. I wouldn’t have even bothered trying to get an accout if you didn’t need one to download models. :-?

Be patient, technical problems are always solved___!
Blenderman is still alive

files and Data are all safe. Do not worry

Latest later or tomorow.

we apologise to all for the inconvenience…
we have to change the configuration of our server…
the site is becoming data base wise enormous/

I too have had [email protected]’s problem. Oh well, good to hear that you’re working on it. Blenderman is one of the best sites out there; I’m willing to wait.

We love hearing that. We will definitly be back shortly! :smiley:



terrible terrible people, your not allowed to have issues :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:



na no worries.

i was wanting to go there and suggest adding a section to download blender interfaces that people have changed the colours of though.

and talk about my latest title page stuff.


Well at least members web sites work

(The real problem for those interrested comes from MYSQL.)
Their is a “BUG”…we are chassing it.
But as said previously, all files are safe.

Michael, Sandi and myself will keep you in touch.
[email protected]

Blenderman team

Sorry for the inconvenience of these past 48 hours.
we found where the problem came from on our dadabase.
we are on the job. Things will be getting back to normal.

Blenderman team

back to normal

Unfortunately we had to use a backup from the 10th of October.
We will be anilysing the database to update what can be used that has
been uploaded by you all since then.

Our data files will be now doubled so in case of a problem we will be able to switch from one to another.
A New welcome page will be created.
this page will be a static page, so do not be surprised.
you will have to click enter to get to the dinamic pages.

sorry again for all the problems.

Blenderman team

Ok, i got on and still couldn’t log in. Also had to click on links multipul times to get them to follow through. Should I just register with a new name?[email protected]:.
.:[email protected]:
Forum Monkey

what can I say…That would be the quick way for you.

You are in our database…that’s for sure…but as I sead now comes the
hard work, anylising things and then updating what can be.


we are testing blenderman’s radio station

we are on test so please be …comprehensive



we welcome all comments :smiley:

Nice idea about that BlenderMan Radio. You stole my idea :slight_smile: Lol well actually 1,5 year ago I started a radio on my own server for 10 visitors max. I ofthen showed the link in gameblender and blenderchat on irc, and I even had some time to have a conversation with people over teamspeak, record it and streamed from the blender radio. But it took much time to organise it all so I quit doing it. But I’ve still that blender teamspeak channel for 30 users :smiley: