Blendermania Tutorials slowly going up

(IngieBee) #1

Very slowly, sorry, but you can go to the tutorial section of my site and find a few up. I’m working on more, but it’s boring work and I can only do so much at a time. My concentration span isn’t the best :stuck_out_tongue:

I figure I might as well put them up as I do them, that way at least something is there. So far, I only have:

basic Building by Geno Ruffalo
basic Parenting by Vincent Stoessel (why is it purple/blue, dang it!)
Attaching an image file to an object by Ryan Neily
Material Indices by Matvei Mihaljov

I know, it’s not much. The links don’t work by the way, I’m not going there. It’s enough of a pain to get the pictures to show up. They downloaded as bitmaps but were called jpg, took a while to figure that one out, UGH!

I will make the blend downloads download though.

If you see a problem (asside from links, but including any textures that should be there for the tutorial to work) Please let me know so I can at least put it on the things to do list.

By the way, as usual, if anyone, especially the authors of these tutorials, mind that I’m putting them up here, please let me know and I’ll take them down. Thanks,

Love Ingie

(joecool) #2

You know we love ya(my West Virginia twang comin’ out…) ingie :wink:
Don’t I know it’s boring work…I tried downloading your tutorials, and fixing them!(fixing links, adding faq’s etc…) hahahaa, now tell me that wasn’t boring…I got two of them done, actually they were pretty nice, and the rest are sitting on my hard drive waiting to be done…

(IngieBee) #3

LOL, I appreciate it :wink:

Are you cleaning up the tutorials? That’d be nice, LOL but it’s good enough for now, it works.

Actually, I think Bart and Ton and the crew will have that properly back up before long, so I wouldn’t bother. If you ever get an itching to do a tutorial, I’ll put it up though :wink:

Love ya, too! Ingie

(IngieBee) #4

I think I have 12 done, and about 19 to go. going alphabetical. I’m uploading those right now :slight_smile:


(joecool) #5

I’m currently doing a whole chapter on the realtime engine, when I get it finished, I’ll send it to you

HAHA :stuck_out_tongue: lol
I’m in a good mood right now. Why? I have no clue… :wink:

(Timonides) #6

Hello!!! :smiley:

I’ve said it once, I’m gonna say it again:


Thanks for what you’ve been doing for us!!!


(IngieBee) #7

Oh, that would be too cool Joe, I guess that’s why you’re named Joecool, LOL.

I’m no Angel, skontar, otherwise I wouldn’t be living in HELL A!

But thanks for the thought, hee hee hee, Love ya all too, Ingie

(Timonides) #8

otherwise I wouldn’t be living in HELL A!

Well, then that makes two of us. I also live in HELL A(thens) :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, to get serious, I think I have somewhere the images from the Laser tutorial. If I am able to find them, would you like to send them to you, or you allready have them?

Thanks again…


(IngieBee) #9

How can Athens be anything but wonderful? It must be awsome to live there!

I do seem to have all the pics for that one, I’m missing the Starfield tutorial by Colin Foster and the Basic transparency tutorials by Eric Honour. I also think there were other newer ones that I’ve lost… or maybe not? Anyway, if you can find those two, it would be fantastic!!!

Thanks so much! Love Ingie

(CubeFan973) #10

I’m Colin Foster (aka iMyst, aka CubeFan973). The tutorial never worked, but if you want, I could rewrite it.

(theeth) #11

aka The Twilight Zone dude :wink:

Ingie: we can’t thank you enough for the patience you have shown in reformating all those tuts. Thank you. :slight_smile:


(Timonides) #12

Hi!!! :smiley:

Since CubeFan973 (aka iMyst, aka Colin Foster) revealed himself, there’s no point to search for the “Starfield” tutorial.

By the way, bravo CubeFan973!!! You are fantastic!!! Thank you very much!!! (Please don’t tell me you have other names also, because I will start wondering even for myself here… :wink: )

Now about that “basic transparency” tut, I may have a clue. But then again I maybe wrong. Check your p.m’s Ingiee (if you haven’t allready).

How can Athens be anything but wonderful? It must be awsome to live there!

Trust me!!! I know… :wink:

(xitnalta) #13

IngieBee: How do you do it? I’m a GNU/Linux user and can’t imagine (any more) why reformatting should be hard (or a repetitive task which requires so much patience). What makes it hard for you?

Example: I’ve downloaded some of your tutorials (Mozilla, whole website), and all the images were gone. So I looked at the HTML source (using ‘less’) and found out that Mozilla masked the spaces one time too much (I think). So I just renamed the HTML file and the associated ‘_files’ directory, and copied the wrong parts (by selecting them) and ran a ‘sed’ replacement command over the file. Sometimes there were still some “fichier” paths left, which I corrected the same way. (Of course, Windows folks can do the same thing - after installing a Unix environment (such as Cygwin), or by using Freeware tools. What I mentioned are standard tools available on every (more or less) Unix-compatible operating system.)

I don’t mean to offend anybody here, but am just curious how the “Windows folks” are doing such tasks nowadays.


(joecool) #14

key word being REFORMATTING… :wink:
yeah, she could just put up the same html code, but ‘us windowsfolks’ are
reformatting them to make them easier to read, and such.
Also she is too busy loving everyone; that takes up a long time :stuck_out_tongue:
I wish more people were like ingie.
Could you imagine going to the golf course? Aw, I hit a bad shot, oh well, I love this golf course!
instead of Aw **** I hit a ****ing bad shot! I hate this ****ing game!

Ingie, we love you! :smiley:

(CubeFan973) #15

CubeFan973 wrote:
I’m Colin Foster (aka iMyst, aka CubeFan973).

aka The Twilight Zone dude

Who came up with that name? I kind of like it, but it should be “The Outer Limits…” Is it all those posts with TZ mentioned?

(IngieBee) #16

That would be cool, if you have the time??? Anyway, I’ll put up anything anyone has (might as well) But then I’ve got to do something about my ugly site, LOL What a dog!!! (oops, sorry Rocket, good boy, no, No, NO DOWN OFF THE COUCH!!!)

Errr excuse me… Love Ingie

(IngieBee) #17

IngieBee: How do you do it? I’m a GNU/Linux user and can’t imagine (any more) why reformatting should be hard (or a repetitive task which requires so much patience). What makes it hard for you?..


First, I’m a dingbat, second, for some reason the picture files downloaded as bitmaps, can you explain that one? but with the jpg extention… I had to stumble upon this problem, and get the pics to work. I left them as bitmaps, since I wasn’t going to convert everything although I think there is a proggie that will do that somewhere ???

Now it doesn’t take that long… I like cleaning up the mess, all the javascripts that arent’ needed anymore, and ads, etc… so that now, when I put them up, they’re clean.

I just have to sit down and do it instead of playing AO and Evercrack with my Hubbie, LOL (and stop comming here and ranting, LOL)

Love ya, Ingie ( LOve ya Joe, too hee hee)

(xitnalta) #18

Since I probably don’t (or: can’t, for various reasons) use the same webbrowser as you do (I assume Internet Explorer here, since BMP is a Microsoft invention), I can’t help you. Perhaps you might want to try out another browser … for example, Mozilla? It’s available for (almost) every platform you can think of, and is also the foundation of the Netscape browser versions since 6.0.

There are lots of websites that let you search through huge collections of Freeware - but on you might even find a <yourplatform> program that is Free Software. If it then also runs on GNU/Linux, I could even help you killing a bug if there was one (and I had enough time to do that :o) ).

Hey, thank you very much for removing ads and JavaScripts! :wink:

g2g2b (hmm, don’t know whether that already exists :slight_smile: )

(joecool) #19

Sigh of relief Whoa, that was close, I was beginning to think you were cheating on me :stuck_out_tongue:
wait, does your husband no about this clandestine relationship? what about your two kids! and Rocket!? I bet you even have a white picket fence!
Ingie, we can’t go on like this anymore! I just don’t want to get into another painful internet relationship!
Just take this to remember me by:
ok fine! it IS cracker jacks! so what!?

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

(joecool) #20

forget your husband ingie! MARRY ME! :stuck_out_tongue:

I sleep need some really.
I swear to sleep I’m not tired!