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Hey y’all, did some searching and didn’t see a thread for this already. is doing a free 10 year birthday giveaway, a new free addon for ten days.
The first one was Retopoflow, which I unfortunately missed. The next two, population and chat companion I’m not really interested in (population only came with two assets, it wasn’t a full giveaway. and I’ve no interest in adding an LLM to blender). But maybe some of the future assets will be more useful?

Anyways, here’s the link: hope y’all get something you want out of it.


I was so happy about that a couple days ago. I’m not very good at retopolgizing the regular way, but that’s literally when I needed to retopolgize one of my models. I was looking online for an retopolgy add-on, and saw that Blendermarket was giving away a free version of Retopoflow 4 that day because of their 10th anniversary. Made my life so much easier. :smile:

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Does anyone else find it confusing that RetopoFlow is a paid addon which you can also download for free from the GitHub?


Actually tried that before, wouldn’t download.

oh well hello hello. And it looks like from that page, they’re not forbidding its usage or anything, it’s just buying from blendermarket helps fund development. Its kind of like, a suggested donation on gumroad, but, strongly suggested instead.


On the page they suggest the GitHub release is for educational purposes, but of course their license permits anything (for the code assets). And it’s funny they should use the term “purchased” in this line: “You may download RetopoFlow from your account dashboard on the Blender Market once you have already purchased it or from RetopoFlow’s GitHub Releases Page.” There is definitely no purchasing involved in downloading the latest release.


Didn’t this comment say something along the lines of “Oh, I didn’t know that. That is strange. Why would they offer it for free somewhere then charge for it somewhere else?”?

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It’s pretty straightforward, honestly, you can pay for it or not depending on if you feel like it. Discourse is the same way, so is the Arduino IDE


If it were really straightforward then there would be an option to pay nothing on the Gumroad page. Instead a layer of abstraction has been created by offering the free version only on Github.

It’s straightforward… because anyone who has to know about licenses may read the full text… or simple will pay becaus as a customer they also will have support/legal means :

RetopoFlow is free for students and teachers

If you’d like to use RetopoFlow for educational or non-commercial use, you can download it for free from our GitHub.

[ didn’t include the actual link again… also it should be .../releases ]


So far add-on which is already free, sample version, and one that requires paid key to function :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait for proper competitor for BlenderMarket for paid add-ons

I grabbed the Chat Companion (I already use AI to help write Blender Python scripts outside of Blender, so should be easier within). But of course at the moment the addon only uses/can access paid online AI’s, which I don’t do.

My hope is that it will be updated to support the use of a local install LLM (which is what I’ve mostly been using/playing around with).

Will be interesting to see what comes next.

It did, but when I actually tapped on the link, I realized that I had tried to download it from that site before and it didn’t download. It is strange though that they’d offer it for free on one site and paid on another, I’ll stand by that.

Todays giveaway is “Divine Cut | Smart Cloth Generator” But it says its just a free thirty day trial? This really doesn’t feel like a giveaway, or gifts, just promoting some demos…


I know, right? I was going to download it before I saw what it said. :sweat:
Some ‘free gift’.

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Welcome to BlenderMarket. How they, along with affiliated YouTubers, turned Blender into slot machine should be studied by professionals.


Kind of feeling bamboozled and misled here.


Lol. First something free and open source and now this.

So, I’m also kinda curious about the terms attached to the giveaway add-ons. But also hey, free is free. I’m not 100% sure if Retopoflow is like full Retopoflow or just the current alpha. I’m excited about it either way.

My understanding is, yes, it’s on GitHub, but a lot of that has to do with the license behind it and parts of that which must comply with GPL. If using it for any serious work, I think paying for it is absolutely fair, but it’s cool that the code is accessible.

Not a huge fan of the “30 days” thing with the cloth add-on though. A limited version maybe? Sure? But I tend to shirk timed stuff because it ends up expiring before I could get to it anyway.

Still think it’s a pretty neat event. BlenderMarket is a bit of a 2-edged sword in that way. I’ve found a lot of incredible add-ons there, but also it’s inherently difficult to curate.

I guess, as an artist, just remember it’s more about your dedication than the extras you use. (Even though they can definitely save you time once you know what they’re doing!) :slight_smile:


Until I see a “free” addon that places a daily loot box in Blender (with ‘challenges’ that you can complete to win tokens), they have not yet managed to figure out how they can turn Blender into a slot machine.

A lot of addons these days can now just be recreated by everyday users with Geometry Nodes (which will be much faster than anything coded in Python).