BlenderMarket: Snow Tool

Christmas is near, & SnowFX is the perfect tool for your Christmas scenes!

SnowFX is an add-on that lets you add snow to your objects in a dynamic way.
You add a snow system to an object and use another object(snow helper) to define where the snow should appear.

Adding snow is easy and simple:

The best thing about SnowFX is how fast the snow is applied by proximity. Simply by clicking on “Add snow system”, your active object is set-up and ready for snow distribution. Snow won’t be visible unless you have another object(snow helper) defining its location. You are provided with an easy to understand UI & changes are made in real-time meaning you will get your results fast.

See SnowFX in action:

BlenderMarket Link - $34.99

Thanks to all supporters!


WIP SnowProjection method(for adding snow to polygons facing upwards(z-axis))

Updates are coming soon.

does it mean SnowFX and RetopoSnow are 2 products, so the user has to pay twice?

Good question,
The retoposnow is a feature that will be added to SnowFx once done. But price will increase. If you get it now, you will receive the free update including retoposnow.

Does it come with a snow material?

When will the price increase? I may purchase this but I won’t have the money until after Christmas.