BlenderNation "buy a classroom" project

The folks at just started a great project to celebrate their first birthday. The Blender Community can donate money to an Oxfam (charity) project that helps developing countries. Bart writes:

I’ve been playing with this idea in my mind for a long time until I came across an initiative by Oxfam: Oxfam Unwrapped. They allow you to buy ‘gifts’ that help communities in developing countries help themselves: you can buy a sheep or a goat, products for agriculture and many other things. One gift caught my eye in particular: an entire classroom.

I want to raise enough funds to finance a classroom with the entire Blender community.
Now, it’s not cheap: a full classroom costs ?1,700/$3,350/€2,500, but I’m confident we can raise that money together during the next two weeks.

So visit now and donate a few bucks to this great project!

I think this is a great idea! i would love to donate, but unfortunately i don’t have access to a means of donating as im not legally an adult yet! I hope they get to their target!


man, its times like this I wish I had a bunch of money to help these people out…

I always feel like a jerk since Im broke…

Holy CRAP! It’s already at $2015(out of $3350)! And there are 100 donations. Somebody has a lot of spare change under their couch. It’s only been a day(or less).

For me, I just figure I’m donating a percentage of the upgrade price of some software I’m not buying;-)