BlenderNation Downage

Hello everyone
You may have noticed that BlenderNation is down. The site was taken down by a malevolent hacker earlier today. [email protected] will be working to bring it online again soon. Hopefully it will be active and delivering you fresh Blender news soon. Sorry for the inconvenience–blame the idiots who attack people’s websites just for ha-has.
-PlantPerson and the rest of the BlenderNation Editors

WHAUGH! That’s horrid! Best of luck to you all! It can’t be easy!

+1 to that, hope you get it fixed soon, seems like theres been alot of that around the web… subD was hacked only like last month… :frowning:

well that sucks…so hey I wonder if there’s rehabillitation for hackers?

It’s called jail. Unfortunately not very many of them get there though.

Oh i guess thats true but I wonder how they get by having to work in the yard with there frail limbs but strong fingers. Lol ^^ can you imagine. I guess you don’t have to here’s my buddy theodore. He hacked a woman’s cd sale site.

sorry for making jokes that’s what i do

Oh by the way while I have you here I was wondering who might I talk to about making friends between two sites. I have a new upcoming update to our website that will have many many things coming and would like to link with blenderartists to host events such as modeling tournaments. The like I tried posting before but no admin’s posted so. Who would I talk to about that?

Put the link in your signature. I think that would be all right . . .

PS- How come your nerdy pal is OUTSIDE the jail?

Lolz oh I didn’t think about that. I didn’t mean link my website from here I was talking about making partners with the site or at least a banner to from our website in the blender section. I guess we will talk about hosting events after the website is done.

he HACKED himself to there… :wink:

Good to see Blendernation’s back up.

Now your nerdy guy needs an orange jail jumpsuit.

he HACKED himself to there

I wonder, can we hack them to Mars too and fulfill Bush’s goal of going to Mars?

Hmm, you have a point. If we send criminals to Mars, we won’t need to worry about getting them back, for one thing. You may be on to something there.

BlenderNation is back up, guys! :slight_smile:

\o/ yaay, lets hope that it wont happen to our most favorite news portal ever again! :wink: