Blendernation Equivalents for other Open Source Software

Hello everyone.

I think most of you would agree that blendernation is a very important pillar of the blender community. To me, at least, it has been of tremendous importance in learning and keeping up to date with blender. It is also a great, great alternative for those of us who cannot spend much time on the forums(which, of course, are also of vital importance).

Recently I came across this site called gimpusers(I found it through this forum actually) and I must say it is the first site I found that actually resembles blendernation on its scale and scope, and I thought “wouldn’t it be nice that every software suit had its own [insert_name_here]nation?”

I don’t know if said sites exist, but if they do, I think it would be nice to have a list. I’m primarily thinking of “creative/artistic software” along the line of Blender, Gimp, Wings3D, Inkscape, Scribus, PureData, NVU/Kompozer, Processing, Audacity, Cinelerra, etc, etc, etc(giants like Apache, Mozilla or Linux are, of course, out of the scope of this inquiry). Actually, I’m asking this information hoping that if we get a good enough list, we can in turn post it to blendernation and spread the word.

So, can anyone name portals or blog similar to blendernation for other “creative” OSS?

Cool idea - looking forward to it!



me too…


i’m not that big on nationalism, but there are lot of planets out there.
for this subject, take a look for example,


Come on! Anyone?

Can you name an Inkscape website that’s better than Inkscape Tutorials?

i believe the lack of news and documentation are part of what keeps people at bay when it comes to open source. the more sits the better.

This one’s only for windows users unfortunately, but Linux has more music creation studios anyway…

Psycle open source music tracker has a great forum, Psycledelics.

Only just getting into music creation myself, but the site looks good, the software seems powerful and it’s creative open source software so I thought I’d point it out :).

Just moving this thread to the top… just in case…