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i used the model from my WIP…
tell me what could be improved :smiley:

thank you :smiley:

Only thing is colors,they could be a bit more vibrant :smiley: Other than that, really nice

Edit:Looks veeery technically greeblical :wink:

i knew someone would post sooner or later :smiley:
i like it, but how do you get all your detail inside of that 100px height? i can never do it.

i rendered at 700 by 100, letting me place the camera to fit the most detail in.
plus the fact that my model is basically flat and long helped… :smiley:

Like Pash said, more vibrant, or if not that, more variation in color, because the shades of blue are too similar, maybe add more colors.

oooh thats a nice one
only crit is that its kinda boring/plain where its just pure blue - maybe put something there o_O

two more variations…comments?


I really think that the shades of blue look sexy but i think that the mechanicals are over-lit.
Very good job!!

thge first ones better, if i dont say so my self

Please accept my entries. Completely Blender and Gimp.
If you require, I will post the blend file also for the comunity.
If you want to see them flying click here


One more attempt with my New Robo Girls
1st Image for Header and 2nd the full images.
Character is jsut now under modifications. Please forgive me for frock inside the leg.


kkrawal: not sure why you posted here instead of starting a new thread…
_LsBlend: I think that would make a great header. IMO I can imagine the first one on the site, the variations not so much. The fuzzy border doesn’t fit with the mechanical style. I stay stick with the original.
If the blue arrows/shapes are too dull or flat, why not fill them with gradients?:eyebrowlift:

i think kkrawl thought this was an official thread for entries wanting comments…
please edit.

Nice work LS