BlenderNation post submissions?

EDIT - oh, forget it, it’s online! :smiley: very sorry if I pressured anyone, I had no intention to, was just worried that maybe i had made a mistake :o - EDIT

hey everyone,

I was wondering, how long does it usually take for a submitted article (like if any of you write one) to be published on BlenderNation? It says that if you create a Full Post that it’ll be much quicker than the other options, but I submitted one 2 days ago and it hasn’t been published yet. I was wondering how long it usually takes, 'cause maybe I made a mistake when posting it and maybe hit the wrong button or something…

…not that I want to pressure Bart or anyone else, not at all. :smiley: I know there must be a lot of submissions every day, so sorting through them must take a while.

just wondering if I might have made a mistake when submitting it. :confused: