BlenderNewbies toolbar for Firefox!


I’m a 1 week old newbie, and just want to pass on a great resource I found:

The BlenderNewbies toolbar for Firefox.

I just happened to find it when I ordered the tutorial CD (14hr for $27.50 including shipping!)…just got the CD yesterday and it looks like a steal!

The toolbar is FREE and is a WEALTH of links to everything Blender! =O
Here are some screenshots

It’s already paid off for me by showing me resources I would probably never find on my

BTW, I wasn’t asked or paid in any way to plug this toolbar…just want to
help others get a leg up. =)

And a word to other newbies: hang! (in there) The pain is going away already, and
it’s starting to get fun!

“I’m blending, I’m blending!!!”


Let me know how that CD works out!! I am a 1 week newbie as well!! I have taken tut #1 and started tut #2!! I was looking online for books to purchase and noticed that CD. I’m curious how it works!! I’ve been using the community resources so far!! Thanks for posting!! Let me know how intuitive the CD is for a newbie!! Thanks!!



Hi Nick,

Kernon is a natural teacher…the steps are very easy to follow, and he includes a text box as at the same time so there’s no doubt about what he said.

He speaks clearly, at a good pace & is well prepared…he knows the subject very well.

Right now I’m in the middle of the Ring tutorial, and enjoying learning to use Blender…
something I didn’t think possible…wish I’d started with it years ago!

I also subscribed to the training at while I was waiting for Kernon’s to arrive
(he shipped last Friday & I got it Monday…fast service!) …the tutorials
are 9hr for $25/mo or $49 for the CD…they’re very good also, and will go through them
to augment the BlenderNewbies CD…more is better.

My first impression of the BlenderNewbies CD is, GET IT WHILE YOU CAN! :yes:

I haven’t even had time to see what’s on the 2nd goodies CD that came with it.

And don’t forget the toolbar…tons of good links.

Have fun,
…I am! :smiley: